Xiao Xing Lum is a martial artist in the Space Channel 5 series. Oddly enough, this isn't enough to save him from people and aliens who want to hypnotize him into dancing.

Space Channel 5Edit

Xiao Xing Lum is hypnotized by the Morolians, and is held captive inside Channel 5's Recording Studio.

In-game ProfileEdit

“Space Kung-fu Man

He was the originator of the infamous "Shooting Star Kick", and has defeated many opponents. Presently he works in action films. He also appears regularly on cooking shows, and has gotten quite popular.”

Space Channel 5 Part 2Edit

When the Rhythm Rogues attack in the sequel, Xiao Xing Lum is known as "Space Kung-fu Man". He's at Space Channel 5's HQ in Extra Report 4 with other Channel 5 reporters.

In-game ProfileEdit

“Actor, former martial artist. Defeated dozens of opponents with his special SHOOTING STAR KICK move. Also has a contract with Channel 5 as a reporter.”


  • Xiao Xing Lum can only be saved in Extra Mode in both of the games
  • Acording to the French version, during the time of Part 2, he is the presenter of his own Cooking Show.
  • In Part 2, he has a Channel 5 mike, similar to Ulala's, Brent's and Valala's.