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Space Channel 5!
~ Ulala’s catchphrase.

Ulala is the main protagonist of the Space Channel 5 series. She is a human news reporter who joined Space Channel 5 in 2497, later acting as their lead investigative reporter for the Special Report Team during the Morolian Invasion and Rhythm Rogue Incident of 2499. She is also a mentor to rookie twin reporters Roo and Kie, and the arch-rival of Channel 42 reporter, Pudding.

Ulala is a very talented dancer and skilled at playing several musical instruments, including the guitar, drums, and keyboard. Her goal is to become recognized as the number one news reporter in the entire galaxy.

Ulala was born on May 30, 2477 at 1:18 AM.[1] She enjoys shopping,[2] her favorite ice cream flavor is cherry vanilla,[3] her blood type is B,[1] and her favorite food is space peking duck. She has a fear of complete silence.[4] She can't handle spicy food.[4]

Character Info[]


Ulala has light skin, long pink hair that is tied up in pigtails, and blue eyes. She wears pink lipstick and light red eyeshadow. In Space Channel 5, Ulala most often seen wears an orange top with a white border and the Channel 5 logo in blue, orange gloves, an orange skirt with a white border, a blue gun on her leg and orange knee-high, high-heeled boots with a white border and red soles. She also wears a blue headset.

In Space Channel 5: Part 2, Ulala default outfit consists of a white top, gloves, skirt and boots. Instead of a white lining, her skirt and top has a metallic one, silver in color, and the soles of her boots are orange. Her headset, is also metallic silver. According to Noize, the top and skirt of this white outfit are actually part of an orange reporting outfit accidently worn inside-out.[5]

In Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash!, Ulala has the same outfit again, but the same change is her colors; her outfit is yellow, her top and skirt keep their metallic lining, though it appears slightly darker. Her boots still have an orange sole and a white border, but are yellow to match her outfit. Her headset is also yellow.

As with most characters in the series, Ulala has a canister on her back (in her case, two). These function as propulsion devices (as in Part 2, they combust to propel her through space). The color of these canisters often change. In Space Channel 5, they are blue to match her headset, while in Part 2 and VR, they match the metallic color lining her skirt and top.


Ulala is a bit of an airhead at times, though this may be an attempt to hide her true anxieties of the dangerous situations she is often in.[1]

Ulala is often portrayed as confident; often heading into danger without showing the slightest trace of fear. When the Morolians invaded Spaceport 9 and most civilians fled in panic, Ulala confidently strutted forward to deliver her report. In Space Channel 5, she often remarks smugly about her performance if she does well against her opponent; stating "That was fabulous!" or "I kicked butt!" with a confident tone. However, Ulala can get less smug when she doesn't do well; stating phrases like "I...saved SOME of them, at least!" and "I gotta get better at this.".

In Part 2, Ulala seems to have taken a less confident stance against the Rhythm Rogues. She often exclaims shock at some of the drama in the game, such as when people are taken hostage. In the original, she stated these developments calmly and professionally. However, Ulala still retains plenty of her confidence from the prequel, stating during the first boss fight "Whatever happens...I'll give it a dance!".


Early life[]

Ulala was born somewhere on the planet Earth on May 30, 2477 at 1:18 AM. Her name was inspired by the tone of a small country in East Nippon, where her mother was born.[6] As a child, she watched Galaxy Kids News, presented by Shinichiro Tachibana on Channel 1.[7]

At the age of 12, Ulala was the sole survivor of a spaceship accident, which not only left her an orphan,[8] but also traumatized her and gave her a deep fear of silence and being alone—something both Chief Blank and Purge would take advantage of later in her life. She was rescued from the brink of the galaxy by then Channel 5 reporter Jaguar, inspiring her to apply for the same job as a reporter for the channel years later.[9] Jaguar left Channel 5 shortly after the accident and any records of him working at Channel had been erased by the time Ulala joined, meaning that she never got to learn the identify of the man who rescued her nor thank him.

It is likely that Ulala attended School M at one point in her life, considering she owns a customized version of their student uniform (Ulala's School Uniform from Part 2). Prior to finding a career, Ulala worked temporary part-time jobs, including one where she wore a Winter-appropriate pink wool uniform, noted as 'Woolen Wear' in her changing room.

In 2497, Ulala started her career as a rookie reporter for Channel 5.

Space Channel 5[]

Shortly after the invasion of an alien species known as Morolians began in 2499, which led to other reporters being abducted,[10] Ulala was quickly promoted to the investigative reporting team and tasked with covering the situation,[10] working closely with director Fuse, who informed her of what to look out for during reports. Ulala travelled between locations using the Astrobeat, a Channel 5-branded spaceship co-piloted by Fuse. Without Fuse's permission, Ulala also painted her newly-manufactured microphone a unique blue color,[11] a design choice seemingly reflected by the rest of Channel 5's staff soon after.

Ulala made her big-time debut with Ulala's Swingin' Report Show on Channel 5, covering an invasion at Spaceport 9, where she was surprised to discover that the Morolians were immobilizing their victims by using ray guns that force them to "dance". She made use of her tension blasters' beams to eliminate aliens and rescue hostages, respectively.


A headline regarding the Morolian alien invasion.

While investigating the invasion, Ulala had to fend off rival reporters Pudding, from Channel 42, and Jaguar, now a suave man from the Space Pirate Broadcasters. Eventually, Channel 5 reaches the Morolians' base within the Asteroid Belt. Inside, the large robot known as Morolian Monroe was ready to take on Ulala. A rough fight occurred and Jaguar unfortunately caught up to the reporter. However, he offers to help Ulala defeat the robot and the two take on Monroe together. Ulala shoots the screens that appear and Jaguar covers her by shooting at the two-in-one alien directly.

After the battle, it was discovered that the Morolians were being brainwashed as well and on Fuse's orders, Ulala fired at the television screen that kept the aliens in the room hypnotized. The secret base falls apart and everyone evacuates. As Ulala was riding out of the large tubing leading outside and pulling double duty in saving the Morolians, Jaguar came over the commlink between Ulala and Fuse, noting that the brainwash signal's frequency matched up with signals from Channel 5.

Ulala, Pudding, and Jaguar headed out to Channel 5's headquarters to discover a group of Morolians convening in a meeting on making people dance. At the end of the room was Channel 5 CEO Chief Blank, revealing himself to be personally involved with the entire invasion. He teleported away from the trio, and the chase continued. Space Michael was encountered in the connecting hallway and rescued from captivity, joining Ulala as she heads for the control room. There, Ulala rescues the "Keyboard Grrrl" and everyone marches toward the elevator. Inside, Mr. Blank is seen sitting in a chair. Taunting the reporter, he zooms up to the roof while Ulala is left with a mass of Morolians to take care of. Hoorg, the Morolian Leader, joined the group that followed Ulala up to the final confrontation.

Emerging from the elevator, Ulala and her companions learned that Chief Blank's direction for Channel 5 was based on ratings, rather than truthful reporting. The "Ultimate Reporter" Evila, a robot intended to replace Ulala, was sent to defeat her, but was not successful. Afterwards, a humongous robot, Giant Evila, had taken the broadcasting ship and the director inside hostage, leaving it up to Ulala aboard the Astrobeat Jr. along with Jaguar and Pudding on their own crafts to dance-off against the new threat. Ulala was instructed to move in the opposite direction of what she hears in order to protect Fuse.

Giant Evila gets bold, knocking away both Pudding and Jaguar before the sound system failed and Ulala lost her rhythm. Ulala was knocked away, left to float in space. An acapella melody picked up and Jaguar reached out for Ulala, twirling her slightly back onto the Astrobeat Jr. Ulala now had a chant support, giving her a rhythm to groove to. She retaliated and caused Giant Evila's head to disconnect from the rest of it's body, hovering above everyone. Shifting to the image of Chief Blank, he revealed to Ulala that ratings were everything to him, even if it meant brainwashing the masses.

Chief Blank, now called Blank TV, activated the "Blank Dimension," sucking him and Ulala into a separate space to battle, however the chant support was still clearly heard. Through a somewhat confusing game of TV laser tag wherein Ulala must shoot the TV screens with the correct beam (either "shoot" or "rescue"), the strength of her support increased. People started singing along with Ulala even when Blank's screens acted as feet and hands in a way one could only see to believe. The Blank Dimension shattered and Ulala was released. When the energy of the crowd was pumped up, Fuse instructed everyone to focus all of their energy toward the station's antenna. Ulala, Jaguar, Pudding, and some Morolians each got a line in as the energy builds, becoming tendrils of a brilliant blue against the dark, speckled canvas of space. Those tendrils worked their way up the antenna just as Blank said his final commands. Everyone repeated him, fully charging the antenna and blasting Blank, claiming he'll be back, into deep space.

Ulala wrapped up her report and marched off with friends and former foes alike along a glittering trail left by Fuse's ship, making their way to the end of the galaxy.


Ulala's primary school disguise, resembling Space Music Primary Schooler 4.

Investigative reporting[]

Despite saving the galaxy, Ulala continued being scolded daily by Fuse and treated as an inexperienced reporter. As the result of her battle with former station chief Blank, his staff position on Channel 5 was left vacant, and the role was given to reporter Space Michael.

Ulala continued her work as an investigative reporter, once disguising as a Space Primary School student to investigate an underground cramming school, as well as 88MAN to infiltrate Channel 88 Studios and report on a major scandal that occurred there. Her disguises and props were usually designed by Fuse's assistant Noize, who himself is often seen wearing a suit capable of making him considerably shorter in height.

Space Channel 5: Part 2[]

Sometime after the Morolian invasion and additional investigations, Ulala was sent to cover an attack on a cruising spaceship. This ended up being Ulala's first encounter with the Rhythm Rogues, a group of mass-produced robots led by Shadow to abduct civilians in an identical manner done previously by the Morolians. After saving hostages on the cruise ship, Ulala came across deadlier robots Kin, Kon and Kan in the Lookout Dome. The mechas sent by the Rhythm Rogue mastermind, Purge, to defeat Ulala are toppled, although it seems Purge was expecting this, as he remarks "the party's just begun."

In the wake of the Rhythm Rogues' attack, Space President Peace made a highly publicized appearance during the band festival at Space Park, although Ulala was not among the press invited to the event. Interrupting Peace's performance of "This Is My Happiness," the power was cut off and a horrifying robot plant rose from the ground as the Rhythm Rogues abducted Peace. Ulala arrived at the scene shortly afterwards to rescue hostages throughout the gardens, including several students from Space Music Primary School, as well as their teacher Mr. Joely.

On her way to rescue Peace, she was interrupted by Pudding, who insisted on getting the scoop first and challenged Ulala to a guitar battle. After successfully defeating Pudding with her guitar skills, Ulala continued to rescue the Space Bird Mistress and several birdwatchers from the Birdmen. She finally made her way to Space Park's tropical garden, where she soon defeated the dancing robot Pon Piriri and saved Peace, only for him to be immediately re-captured by Shadow.

When Purge revealed a ransom exchange for the hostages and the President, Ulala, Fuse and Noize quickly dispatched themselves to the exchange point. Despite warnings from Space Police Chief Pine to back off and leave the investigation to her, the Channel 5 team continued to make their way to the exchange point. As Ulala successfully dodged attacks from Pine and avoided arrest, Space Michael sent a message to warn the group that Channel 5 had been attacked by robots. Ulala, Fuse, and Noize immediately returned to the space station, Fuse declaring the ransom scoop a trap.

Upon arriving at Channel 5 HQ's airspace, the Astrobeat was soon attacked by robots. Ulala managed to enter the station along with a handful of Rescue Police troops, rescuing Space Michael. The pair, along with many reprogrammed Evila security bots, entered the core and encountered Purge in the flesh for the first time. Purge cleverly used a paralyzed Peace as a shield while fighting Ulala, but the reporter was able to defeat him with ease. Fuse dived in the Astrobeat Spaceship to deliver the final blow, but the laser shot he fires at Purge is rebounded towards Ulala. Fuse took the blow for Ulala and plunged into the fiery depths of the station. Ulala screamed as Purge laughed manically before taking off with the station's broadcasting antenna, and Ulala was stunned while Michael and the Space Cheerleaders evacuated. Noize managed to rescue Ulala, but the Astrobeat Jr quickly started to run out of power. Ulala attempted to regain energy with her dance moves, and managed to give the ship enough fuel to escape the exploding space station. Ulala screamed out for Fuse as she witnessed the brutal end of the space station.


Pine summoned Ulala and Michael to Purge's base, and the duo arrived alongside rival reporters Pudding and Hoorg. However, they were quickly found out and encounter Shadow again, prompting a band battle between the Rhythm Rogues and Ulala's group. Ulala's group won and Shadow was revealed to be a brainwashed Jaguar. Jaguar quickly informed Ulala that Purge is intending to complete a weapon known as 'The Ballistic Groove Gun', which will force the whole galaxy to dance. The group advanced to a higher layer of the base, where Purge was broadcasting the live debut of the Purge TV Show.

As the whole group faced off against Purge's robots, Ulala was soon led into a one-on-one dance battle with Purge. However, things took a turn for the worse when Purge used dance power to turn into Purge the Great. Ulala became desperate, and although she managed to avoid several shots from Purge, he quickly charges a shot which sends her spiraling to the ground, making her fall unconscious.

While in a limbo-like state, Ulala was encouraged to get back up by her close friends and those she has saved previously. Ulala was resurrected by the crowd's energy and was able to take on Purge with the help of everyone that chanted for her return. After successfully rescuing President Peace, Purge quickly attempted to take out the entire mass with his Ballistic Groove Gun, but Fuse miraculously returned and urged Ulala to defeat Purge. Ulala exclaimed "Purge! Enough of your trash TV!" before blasting him off into the galaxy with the help of the crowd. Ulala signed off before strutting to the end of the galaxy with her entourage once again.

Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash![]


Ulala in Space Channel 5 VR.

The virtual reality game, Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash! is the first game where the player doesn't take control of Ulala, but instead, they take control of and see the game in the perspective of one of the twins Roo and Kie. Despite that, Ulala continues being the game's main protagonist. In this game, she was assigned to mentor Channel 5's newest recruits, Roo and Kie.

Ulala first appears during the game's tutorial, where she teaches the player the game's basic mechanics when she is interrupted and called to investigate a case of aliens who are forcing people at Spaceport 9. She answers the call saying she will go there in a flash and tells the player (the twins) to go with her.

The first report, Morolians Strike Back! begins with a group of Morolians making people hostages and forcing them to dance to gather a type of energy called Groove Moxie. With the assistance of the twins, Ulala fights the Morolians by dancing and saves the hostages. More Morolians eventually appear, this time to shoot at Ulala and the twins. They avoid attacks and shoot back at them by copying the Morolians moves. Once this segment is over, the Morolians send a Coco★Tapioca to fight Ulala. To defeat it, the player will need to copy the yellow Morolians moves who are in front of the robot to avoid getting hit by it's laser and physical attacks and shooting at it at the right time. After knocking the robot down, all of the rescued hostages will celebrate and Ulala will congratulate the player for the nice reporting.

After the level, the mysterious being called Glitter thanks the Morolians for the Groove Moxie they gathered and injects X space cells into them as a form of "gratitude", turning them into a new type of white Morolians.

In the next report, Chorus in White, Ulala and her assistants are starting a new report in a space elevator going up which is taking them to space, when she is interrupted by an invasion of a group of white Morolians, that are able to talk and order Ulala to give all of her Groove Moxie, rising the latter's curiosity. Meanwhile in the background, a spaceship that belongs to the mysterious villain Glitter can be seen abducting people. A dance battle begins against the white Morolians. Where again, the player must copy their poses to beat them. During the battle, they introduce themselves and reveal that they are a new kind of Morolian called the Othermoros. After beating them, it's revealed that Glitter has also injected X space cells into Coco★Tapiocas, turning them into Other★Tapiocas. They drop off of Glitter's spaceship and assist the Othermoros in the battle against the main trio. Once again, the player must copy the Othermoros moves to avoid the attacks and shoot at the right time. This time however, they will also need to use the move "barrier" to protect themselves from Other★Tapioca's wicked beam. After knocking the robots down, the Othermoros will flee and the main trio will see Glitter's spaceship flying away into space. The curious white aliens make Ulala decides to start a investigation.

The next report, The Pirates Showdown, begins with Ulala and the twins above their spaceship chasing Glitter's spaceship through space. Pudding, Shinichiro Tachibana and 88MAN, who are also after the ship investigating the case, make a cameo and fly away. When suddenly, the Space Pirates Broadcasting ship appears. A trio of new Space Pirates called the Jaguars formed by Kell, Bello and Soon-Soon will taunt Ulala, saying that she won't get far away with her new "Newbie" then fly away. A gameplay segment begins where the player must copy Ulala's move to shoot and avoid meteors. Afterwards, the Jaguars and some Space Pirates will attack. By copying their moves, the player will be able to avoid their attacks and counter. After a while, all of the Space Pirates but the Jaguars will flee. Kell, Bello and Soon-Soon will present themselves and challenge the main trio for a dance battle. Once they are defeated, Kell will congratulate the main trio when suddenly, they are all surprised by Glitter's ship, which will attack the Space Pirate's ship and abduct the Jaguars, then Ulala. Before getting abducted though, Ulala throws her microphone to the player. But eventually, the spaceship also abducts the player and the report ends.

In the next report, Ulala can be seen in the beginning, fainted and as a hostage of Glitter, along with the Jaguars and Pudding, Tachibana and 88MAN, (the latter three were captured off screen). The main villain, Glitter, appears to the player and reveals it has absorbed Ulala's Groove Moxie, which made it very full. However, Glitter still wants more and starts a battle against the player. During the battle Jaguar appears to assist them and saves the Jaguars, Tachibana, 88MAN and Pudding. Together, all of the heroes join forces to wake up and save Ulala. After that, she joins the heroes and helps them in the last battle, where they all sing by copying the Othermoros poses. after defeating Glitter, the Othermoros will turn back into Morolians and the hostages who were abducted during report 2 will be rescued. They will also join forces with the heroes and unite all of their Groove Moxie to make one fantastic force capable of defeating Glitter which Ulala gives to the player to release. After defeating Glitter, Ulala along with the rest of the heroes will celebrate by dancing.



Fuse is Ulala's boss and the director of Space Channel 5. He guides Ulala throughout the levels, and can be very strict on the poor girl if she messes up. However, he gives nothing but praise if she does well, and even becomes fascinated by her moves. During the events of Space Channel 5, Ulala openly isn't that fond of Fuse. She says that he's always complaining about her and yelling at her, to which Ulala in turn is often mad at him for.[9][12] In Japanese, she only refers to him as "the director" rather than by name. That being said, Ulala still puts herself on the line to save Fuse from Blank's clutches.

During the events of Part 2, they seem to have grown much closer as friends. Notably, Ulala is reluctant to escape the exploding station without Fuse. Judging that Fuse took Purge's hit for her, he clearly cares for her as well. In Japanese, she also finally starts calling Fuse by his name.


Vs Pudding

Ulala and Pudding face off at Spaceport's flight control tower.

Pudding is UIala's rival reporter from Channel 42. The pair had a dance battle during the alien invasion, and later a guitar battle during the robot invasion. Whilst Pudding is rather arrogant, confident that Ulala was no match for her, she seemed to have gained respect for her competitor after their initial exchanges. This doesn't stop her from gloating if she's able to win one of their battles, however.

In the end, Ulala is always willing to team up with Pudding.


Jaguar is a rival reporter of the Underground Pirate Broadcasting System and the reporter that saved Ulala's life when she was a child. Ulala is grateful to the reporter that rescued her and states that as the reason why she joined Channel 5 in particular.[9] However, Ulala is also unaware that Jaguar is that very same reporter. Even so Ulala is shown to be curious of Jaguar, possibly due to that connection. In the present, Ulala admires him greatly despite their status as rivals.[4] Much like with Pudding, Ulala willingly teams up with Jaguar on many occasions, often leading a hand to each other.

Pudding teases Ulala with the idea that the reporter that saved her life is Ulala's first crush to which Ulala responds with awkward and indifferent "I guess." [9] Currently, Ulala simply seems to see Jaguar as a friend if one she deeply cares for and is intrigued by.

Other Appearances[]

Sega-superstars-20041012004536948 640w

Ulala in SEGA Superstars.

SEGA Superstars[]

Ulala is also featured in SEGA Superstars with her only minigame. It is heavily based off of 'The 100 Stage Dance Battle' from Space Channel 5: Part 2; even re-using sound tracks and various commands already used in the game's mode. The player must copy the Morolian's moves to save hostages. They can use 6 different buttons to use the different commands, and Ulala will point at that button with the player. Noteworthy is that this mode is called 'Ulala's Swingin' TV Show!' in the game, suggesting it is another one of her programs she runs.

Ulala 4

Ulala in Sonic Riders.

Sonic Riders[]

Ulala appears in the game as a playable character. She is a Speed Type character, and her Extreme Gear board is the "Channel5.", a white board with a 5 mark on it. Ulala is also one of the only characters incapable of riding bikes. Her Extreme Gear the Channel 5 is actually a flat Astrobeat with a Channel 5 logo on it.

Interestingly, the team that made the SC5 games were also responsible for Sonic Riders. However, Ulala does not reappear in the game's sequels, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity and Sonic Free Riders.

A Space Channel 5 segment was also featured in the track SEGA Illusion, which was based on many SEGA IPs.

Ulala 2

Ulala in SEGA Superstars Tennis.

SEGA Superstars Tennis[]

Ulala is one of the many SEGA characters to an appearance as a playable character. Pudding also appears in this game: playable as well. Ulala is the 'control' type and her Superstar Move causes her to change into her white outfit. She then sends the ball in a 5 shape to the other side of the court, and Morolians pop up, causing her opponent(s) to dance when touching Morolians. There is also a Space Channel 5 court based on a spaceport, along with many Morolians who dance. A few tracks also return from the franchise to play on the court.

Interestingly, Steve Lycett, executive producer of the game, stated that one of the mini-games that didn't make it into the final version was a Space Channel 5 mini-game. It is suspected, although not confirmed, that it would have been similar to the shooting sections from the game, but in a tennis format.


Ulala in Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing.

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing[]

Ulala appears as an unlockable character in Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing. She is one of the few Hovercraft types in the game; riding a floating space pod dubbed as the 'Astro Glider'. She is also the sole female racer besides Amy Rose. Ulala's All Star Move is named 'Tension Blast'. When she gets it, the reporter vanishes in a flash of pink light and re-appears on top of her vehicle; a Morolian now driving it. As she strikes the 5 pose, Morolians appear above the racers ahead of Ulala and forces them to dance. Meanwhile, Ulala withdraws her trusty space blaster and begins shooting at everyone, striking dance moves if she hits them. The icon for the move is a Blue Morolian.

The announcer for the game seems to show hints of liking Ulala; when she is struck by a weapon, he claims "A hit on Ulala! She'll be used to those.", as well as saying "Some beautiful driving from Ulala who looks good in first...looks good most anywhere!". When Ulala wins a race, he yells "CALL MEEEEEE!!!!!".

Three Space Channel 5 tracks were meant to appear in the game and were sixty percent complete, however, they were dropped. [13]

Tumblr m2cmxs7ncU1r6c2k5o1 500

Ulala as she appears in Project X Zone.

Project X Zone[]

Ulala appears in the 3DS game, Project X Zone, a crossover RPG developed by Banpresto and Monolith Soft. She joins in Chapter 23, appropriately titled "Ulala's Swingin' Report Show", where, in the world of Resonance of Fate, the X Zone team is in the middle of stopping a statue of Leanne containing one of Aura's Segments from crashing into a gate. After the statue makes it halfway through the stage, Ulala appears, actually announcing the title of the chapter and begins making a special report about the party's activities. After annoying Devilotte with her commentary, Coco★Tapioca and a group of Morolians, Yaroo and Plurp, then appear on the tracks, in the path of the moving statue. The party realizes that if the statue makes contact with the robot, it will be shattered along with Aura's Segment. Ulala joins the party after the conversation, with the game announcing that Coco★Tapioca must be defeated by the end of the fifteenth turn or a game over will be declared.

As a Solo Unit, Ulala can be assigned to any Pair Unit as their combo assist. When called in to help, Ulala walks into the middle of the battle and calls on three other SEGA characters to attack for her: Opa-Opa from Fantasy Zone, Harrier from Space Harrier and Scooter from Alien Storm. Once all their attacks pass, she finishes up with two shots of her trademark Tension Blaster before jumping out of the way.


Ulala in Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed []

Ulala appears as a playable character once again in Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed. This time, she is available from the start. Pudding is also playable in this game, but she must be unlocked. Ulala drives a white futuristic three-wheel sports car with a Space Channel 5 theme. For her All-Star move, Ulala shoots pink, heart-shaped blasts at her opponents while two Morolians dance behind Ulala's plane.


Ulala in Project X Zone 2.

Project X Zone 2[]

In Project X Zone 2, Ulala first appeared in Chapter 8: Dance Battle!. Her Solo Attack is similar, having Opa-Opa from Fantasy Zone, Alex Kidd from Alex Kidd, and the main character from Altered Beast in wolfman form appearing to attack. After their attacks pass, Ulala first fires a round from her Tension Blasters and then releases a sound wave from her guitar that she used in her duel with Pudding in Space Channel 5 Part 2. [14]

Ulala description

Ulala in SEGA Earth UFO Catcher.


Ulala appeared in the game as a two star prize wearing her first Space Channel 5 game clothing.

The prize description says: "No,085, Ulala Space Channel 5, Reporting live, space broadcasting channel "Space Channel 5" finds mysterious aliens called Morolians who are forcing people to dance! Follow the beat, copy the Morolian dance moves, and the save the galaxy alongside the rescued hostages in this musical adventure. Up, down, up down, chu chu chu!"


  • Beach Spikers: Ulala is an unlockable character.
  • SEGA Splash! Golf: In SEGA Splash Golf, Ulala is one of the optional caddies for the player to have. She also seems to re-tain her 'Channel5' Extreme Gear from Sonic Riders for this game; riding it in one of the trailers.
  • 18riwfxgkvcfwjpg

    Ulala in Samba de Amigo.

    Samba De Amigo (Wii): In Samba De Amigo Wii, Ulala was the only SEGA character besides Sonic the Hedgehog to make a special guest appearance. She dances with Amigo in a tv broadcast room in Space Channel 5. Many Morolians and also Miis join Amigo and Ulala in dancing. Interestingly, Amigo seems to have been giving his own tv show, titled 'Samba TV', suggesting he and Space Channel 5 struck a deal for Amigo to have his own program. Ulala's stage has three songs. 'Mexican Flyer', which is Space Channel 5's main theme, 'Groove is in the Heart', which was ironically the same song SEGA asked Lady Miss Kier to advertise Space Channel 5 with back in 2000 and 'Do It Well'. 'Mexican Flyer' is actually the only SEGA song outside of Samba De Amigo to make an appearance in the game; unlike the original's many tracks from other SEGA games.
  • UlalaCard

    Ulala's card in Samurai & Dragons.

    Samurai & Dragons: Ulala appears as a card.
  • Yakuza 5: Ulala appeared as a crane game figure.[15] Her crane game figure description is: "A figure of Ulala, the main character from the famous rhythm-action game Space Channel 5.[16]
  • SEGA Slots: Ulala appeared in the Space Channel 5-themed slot machine.
  • Puyo Puyo Quest: Ulala appears in this mobile spinoff game from the Puyo Puyo series.
  • Kyoutou Kotoba RPG - Kotodaman: Ulala appeared in the game during a "SEGA All Stars" collaboration.


  • Astro Boy (2004 video game): A reporter character game within the game walks in a similar fashion to Ulala's signature strut. Much of the staff that worked on this title also worked on Space Channel 5.[17]

    The reporter character in Astro Boy.

  • Feel the Magic XY/XX: Ulala's pigtails are an unlockable hair for the female character. Additionally, there is a rhythm based dance minigame that directly references Space Channel 5 in gameplay, audio and presentation.[18] It also uses a small sample of "We are known as the Rhythm Rogues" just before the minigame starts. The staff of this title also worked on Space Channel 5.
  • Mikula

    Space Channel 5's outfit in Hatsune Miku games.

    Hatsune Miku Project Diva and Project Diva Dreamy Theater: Hatsune Miku has two Space Channel 5 thematic modules. One called "スペースチャンネル5; (Space Channel 5)," in which she wears Ulala's retro gear and the other module based on Ulala's clothes called "スペースチャンネル39 (Space Channel 39)" in which Miku still has her color scheme, but her top resembles Ulala's with a pink "39" on it, her boots have tall heels like Ulala's boots, and she wears very short shorts.
  • Virtua Fighters 5 Final Showdown: An Ulala costume for Sarah Bryant appears as paid DLC.
  • Space Channel 5 in PSO2

    Ulala costume in Phantasy Star Online 2.

    Phantasy Star Online 2: An Ulala costume appears in the game for the female characters.
  • Chaos Heroes Online: The character Silk has an Ulala costume.
  • Puyo Puyo Quest: Aside from appearing as a character whole, the Puyo Puyo character Ringo Ando has an alternate costume where she is in Ulala's outfit.
  • Lux SpaceGrooveSkin

    Lux's Space Groove skin.

    League of Legends: On April 2021, League of Legends released a series of skins/costumes called "Space Groove". On the League of Legends website, it was revealed that this series of skins was inspired by the Space Channel 5 series and by the anime Sailor Moon.[19] The Space Groove skin of the character Lux also seems to be designed after Ulala.
  • Ulala Umbrella

    Umbrella's Ulala pallet swap.

    Skullgirls: One of the pallet swaps of the Skullgirls character Umbrella is confirmed to be designed after Ulala.[20] Additionally Umbrella's living umbrella friend Hungern sometimes turns red, in reference to a red Morolian,[20] for some of the attacks.
  • Sega Heroes: Ulala makes no physical appearance. However, her name cameos as a graffiti tag during several of the city levels originating from both Jet Set Radio and Streets of Rage.

Appearances in Other Medias[]

  • Space_Channel_5_-_Ulala_MTV_News_Now_Pilot-0

    Space Channel 5 - Ulala MTV News Now Pilot-0

    Footage of Ulala's cancelled MTV show.

    Cancelled MTV News Show:Ulala was originally going to be a virtual news reporter of a show of her own on MTV. Her show didn't get past the pilot episode. It was called Ulala’s Swinging Report Show and was going to co-produced with SuperMegaMedia [21]
  • Cancelled Movie. Columbia Pictures were going to make a movie about Space Channel 5, however it never got anywhere. [22]
  • Josie and the Pussycats - The Movie: Ulala has also made a cameo in the 2001 film Josie and the Pussycats, where she is popular in the merchandising in a store that Wyatt visits to try out a demo CD.[23]
  • 4Unique "Never Gonna Change My Love" Music Video: Ulala, along with the Morolians and Coco★Tapioca, cameos in a Space Channel 5 inspired music video for 4Unique's song "Never Gonna Change My Love." The video was produced in 2001 in part by Fiftyeight Animation.[24]
  • Sc5 in swing girls

    Ulala cameo in Swing Girls.

    Swing Girls: Ulala makes a brief cameo appearance in the Japanese 2004 teen comedy film Swing Girls, where a little girl appears playing Space Channel 5: Part 2 for a brief moment.
  • Breaking Bad: In one episodes of the fourth season of Breaking Bad, Ulala briefly appears in a brief game of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, alongside AiAi, Amy, and Sonic.
  • SEGA Hard Girls: Ulala appears in SEGA Hard Girl's anime adaptation, Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls, in the episode 3, 4, and 13. Ulala may also be the main inspiration for the character "Dreamcast".
  • Ulala in Nate is Late

    Ulala cameo in Nate is Late.

    Nate is Late: Ulala made a brief cameo appearance as an action figure in the animated television series Nate is Late, in the 36th episode of the first season, "The Video Game".
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) movie: Ulala makes a cameo in the Sonic movie in the SEGA logo as it zoomed out, showing her at the Spaceport's flight control tower battling Pudding in the first Space Channel 5 game. Also showing her wearing her pink outfit in Space Channel 5: Part 2
  • The Game Show Awards (2021): Ulala makes a cameo appearance at The Game Show Awards in 2021


Lady Miss Kier, former lead vocalist of Deee-Lite, filed a lawsuit against SEGA claiming that Ulala was an unauthorized use of her likeness. She claimed SEGA offered her $16,000 to license her name, image, and songs for a video game, though she declined the offer. Afterwords, they allegedly went ahead and used her likeness anyways, causing her to file the suit. She ultimately lost, having to pay all of SEGA's $608,000 in legal fees. [25]

Ironically, Deee-Lite's 1990 hit "Groove Is in the Heart" was licensed by SEGA for use in the Wii game "Samba de Amigo", with Ulala guest starring in the level.

In-Game Profiles[]

Space Channel 5[]

Profile Number 000
"Channel 5 Reporter
"Age: 22
"Favorite ice cream flavor: Cherry vanilla
"A reporter on Channel 5, she has been assigned to her first big news job, to report the invasion by the Morolians."

Profile Number 000
"Channel 5 reporter, she's been with the station for two years.
"Born on May 30th and currently 22 years old.
"Blood type: B.
"At this point, she's not sure where the path of a reporter will lead her but she dreams of 'becoming the best reporter in the whole galaxy!' one day."

Profile Number 000
「チャンネル 5 のリポーター。入社 2 年目。
「5 月30日生まれの22歳。
「今はリポーターとしての自分の方向性すらまだハッキリ意識できていないが、いつかは 『銀河一のリポーターになりたい ! 』と思っている。」

Space Channel 5: Part 2[]

Profile Number 001
"Channel 5 reporter
"Born: May 30th
"Blood type: B
"Having accidentally saved the galaxy, she is still treated as a fresh recruit, scolded daily by her boss, Fuse."

Profile Number 001
"Channel 5 Reporter.
"Born May 30.
"Blood type: B.
"She may have (inadvertently) saved the galaxy the while giving it her all the other day, but she’s still a rookie. While her boss, Fuse, scolds daily, she’s dreaming of becoming the best reporter in the whole galaxy!"

Profile Number 001

Profile Number 001
"Journaliste pour Channel 5
"Date de naiss: 30/05
"Groupe sanguin : B.
"Même si elle a sauvé accidentellement la galaxie, elle est traitée de novice par son patron, Fuse. Son rêve : être une top journaliste."

Profile Number 001
"Geburtstag: 30. Mai
"Blutgruppe: B
"Obwohl sie kürzlich ungewollt die Galaxis gerettet hat, wird sie weiter wie ein Neuling behandelt und von Fuse beschimpft. Ihr Traum: beste Repor-terin der Galaxis sein."

Profile Number 001
"Reporter Channel 5
"Nata il: 30 Maggio
"Gruppo sanguigno: B
"La settimana scorsa ha salvato per caso la galassia, ma il suo capo, Fuse, la tratta come una principiante. Sogna di diventare la migliore reporter della galassia."

Profile Number 001
"Reportera, Canal 5.
"Nació el 30 de mayo.
"Grupo sanguíneo: B
"Salvó a la galaxia la semana pasada, pero la siguen tratando como a una novata, y recibe riñas diarias de su jefe, Fuse. Sueña con ser la mejor de la galaxia."

Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash![]

Ulala (Orange)
Profile Number 001

"Channel 5 Reporter. Born May 30th. Blood type: B. She saved the galaxy three years ago using nothing but her pluck. Though now a senior reporter in charge of handling orientation for new recruits, she remains as energetic as ever. She dances all the time, except for rare instances where she does not."

Ulala (Neon Yellow)
Profile Number 002

"A Channel 5 reporter donning the latest in journalistic fashion. Though it looks like she's revealing bare skin, she is in fact covered from tip to toe in a deluxe polymer that keeps her protected even in the vacuum of space!"

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing[]

"Ulala was orphaned at an early age in a spaceship accident in which she was the sole survivor. She was rescued from the void of outer space by a Space Channel 5 reporter and ten years later, she's now their top reporter.
"She shot to fame when she confronted the Morolians, who imprisoned humans and forced them to dance against their will. She out-danced them at the same time as presenting her Swingin' Report Show. What a gal!
"Ulala races in her Astro Glider, a kind of floating pod."

Project X Zone 2[]

"A reporter for the space broadcast station "Space Channel 5." Armed with swingin' dances and her journalistic soul, she aims to become the top reporter in the galaxy. While reporting from the scene of numerous incidents, including the invasion of the Morolians who forced Earthlings to dance, or the kidnapping of Earthlings by the group called the Rhythm Rogues, she also used her own dancing skills to resist and ultimately resolve each crisis. She has quite a unique vocabulary which she uses during her reports, perhaps contributing to her popularity. Her favorite food is space Peking duck."


Space Channel 5[]

  • "No! Get your clutches off of me!"
  • "Let's dance!"
  • "With my new savvy and my funky moves, I'll get to the bottom of this."
  • "You've been under Blank's spell, wake up, fellas!"
  • "Is that her tongue?! It's slimy, incredibly slimy...!"
  • "Grooove evening, viewers!"
  • "Stay Tuned~!"
  • "I'm gonna get him!"
  • "I beat her!"
  • "What's up? I'm feeling kinda funky..."
  • "Look out, the base is falling apart! We've gotta jet!"
  • "I can beat her, I feel it!"
  • "I rule!"
  • "I'm fantastic!"
  • "I'll take you out!"
  • "I kicked butt!"

Space Channel 5: Part 2[]

  • "Ulala's Swingin' Report Show, Special Broadcast!"
  • "Oh no, the Space Guide is taking it from the dance gang!"
  • "We've defeated the singing robots!"
  • "What? They've sprung back into the groove!"
  • "We've reached the Lookout Dome... This place is creeping with danger."
  • "Ohhh....Not there...!"
  • "Things are getting quite tingly in here...!"
  • "Whatever happens, I'll give it a dance!"
  • "Dance battle!"
  • "Let's dance!"
  • "Let's boogie!"
  • "Let's jam!"
  • "Let's shoot!"
  • "Waltz battle!"
  • "Let's sing!"
  • "Ahh! This conveyor belt's out of control!"
  • "Space Teachers are being forced to dance up ahead."
  • "We've reached Fountain Square!"
  • "Not again..."
  • "Dueling guitars!"
  • "I beat Pudding!"
  • "Oh no! The Space Bird Mistress is being forced to dance!"
  • "Well, as I'm already here, I'll try and save him."
  • "Oh....not there!"
  • "We beat them hands down!"
  • "The rescue was an outstanding success!"
  • "We beat them like you'll never believe!"
  • "Stay Tuned~!"
  • "Super successful rescue!"
  • "The rescue went perfectly!"
  • "When have I ever dancing?"
  • "We've rescued the President!"
  • "Purge, enough of your trash TV!"

Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash![]

  • "Space Channel 5 VR! Kinda Funky News Flash!"
  • "Consider this mess cleaned!"
  • "I got a funky feeling about this!"
  • "When it comes to dancing... We are unbeatable, baby!"


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  • Ulala's placeholder names were ジェニファー (lit. Jennifer) and エンジェルアイ (Angel's Eye).[26][27]
  • Ulala may have been named after the French expression "Ooh La La." Additionally, "Urara," an alternative romanization of うらら, is a common given name in Japanese.
  • Given that her mother is from East Nippon (Nippon being the Japanese word for Japan) she is likely of Japanese descent.
  • Space Channel 5 Part 1 credits (Jap)

    Ulala credited as "herself" in the Japanese version of the first game.

    The identity of Ulala's Japanese voice actress was kept as a secret for years. In Japan, the games would credit Ulala as being "voiced by herself." Eventually, it was later revealed that her Japanese voice actress was Mineko Okamura, the CEO of Grounding Inc.Citation needed However, the reason as to why Mineko was credited as "Ulala herself" is still left unclear to this day.
  • Coincidentally, UIala shares a birthday with Nazu Nahoko, a choreographer and a motion captures artist for the Space Channel 5 series. Nazu also dressed up as Ulala to promote the series multiple times.[25]
    • The actual given reason for Ulala's birthday being May 30th is because that was the date that the programmers made her 3D model move for the first time.[28]
  • Suzuki Part 1

    Brent Suzuki's English profile in Part 1.

    She's known Brent Suzuki since her childhood.
  • Ulala, Pudding and Hoorg can all be assumed to be left-handed, as they always hold their microphones with their left hand.
  • According to the game's art Director, Noboru Hotta, Ulala wore orange in the first game because it was both the colors of the Dreamcast (the console where Ulala made her debut) and because it was symbolizing something new and exciting for SEGA.[29]
  • In Space Channel 5: Part 2, the Ulala Mic item information in the changing room states that Ulala painted her Channel 5 microphone blue without asking for permission first.
    • However, all of the other Channel 5 Reporters have blue microphones, oddly enough.
  • Woolen Wear description

    Description for the Woolen Wear outfit.

    Ulala's Woolen Wear outfit reveals that Ulala had a part-time job before becoming a Reporter. However, it is not revealed what she used to do.
  • When Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash! was announced, SEGA revealed they had lost contact with Ulala's original English voice actress, Apollo Smile, and that Cherami Leigh would be voicing Ulala. Team Grounding even made a tweet on November 14, 2018 asking for help in tracking down Apollo Smile for the game.[30]
    • Mineko Okamura, who is Ulala's Japanese voice actress and CEO of Grounding Inc., revealed in an interview that they were eventually able to find Apollo Smile, thanks to the Space Channel 5's dedicated community. However, Apollo herself didn't want to return to reprise her role.[31]
  • In versions of Virtua Fighter 5, Sarah Bryant can be customized to resemble Ulala.
  • Peach Suit Description

    Description for the Peach suit outfit.

    Ulala's Peach Suit reveals that Ulala loves shopping.[2]
  • Ulala's current voice actress, Cherami Leigh, is famous for voicing Lucy Heartfilia from the Fairy Tail anime series as well as Sailor Venus from the Sailor Moon anime series.
  • In Unity's own measurements, Ulala's Space Channel 5 VR model about 1.795m (5′ 10.7″) tall.
  • Ulala was mentioned in the song "Sunshine Slayer" by her former voice actress, Apollo Smile since one of the lines in the lyrics said, "Groovy like Ulala" in the song.
  • In the English beta (v.0900) of the Dreamcast release, Ulala has different voice clips for her commands.

See also[]


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