This Is My Happiness is the ending and credits song of Space Channel 5 Part 2 composed by Naofumi Hataya. This melody of love is also known as President Peace's famous song.


This is my


In Report 2, Peace first tries to sing the intro of the song in the pre-report cutscene, but is quickly interrupted by the Rhythm Rogues' mutant plant before singing a note. When Ulala manages to save the President after defeating Pon Piriri, the President, now free, sing the whole opening of This Is My Happiness.

Because of his capivity, Peace is not heard again for Reports 3, 4, and 5.

In the final Report, after Purge is sent flying into deep space, the crooner is in the lead with Ulala as everyone dances to the end of the galaxy. Then the credits start with This Is My Happiness being sung by President Peace. The song is followed by the original Mexican Flyer.

Officials TracksEdit

Here is the official and remixed song of This Is My Happiness in the game's OSTs.

Non Games TracksEdit

  • This Is My Happiness (Live), by Mookie (vocals) and Sonic Team (SonicTeam Unplugged Live 2004)
  • THIS IS MY HAPPINESS (Phantasy Star Online 2)


  • This Is My Happiness contains a tiny part of the Mexican Flyer in it, heard during the line: "Just now you are cooking a cottage pie."
  • This is uncertain, but someone saying "Can I have a witness" can be heard at the very end of the song.