Texas singing her intro with her companions.

"People call me Texas! Western Vixen Space Police."


Texas is Pine's twin sister in Space Channel 5 Part 2. She is only revealed in Extra Mode and is accompanied by two Morolian Leaders called, of course, Sexy 1 & 2. She looks exactly like Pine and plays the exact same role as her in Extra Mode with very little differences in dialogue. The main differences that can be noted are:

  • Texas' theme song
  • During Report 3 she uses the 'Hey' command more than the 'Chu' command

"Pine's twin sister. She's the Space Police officer in charge of Western Rodeo Rise Shopping District. Her motto is "You break the rules, and we'll break you!"" - in-game profile


  • Texas became friends with Morolian (Drummer Man) through "a mutual interest in drums". She "helped him get a position in the Space Police Drum Battle department."
  • According to the Sugoku Sugoi Guide Book, Texas and her sister, Pine, are awkward in dealing with men, so they live together.
  • According to the Sugoku Sugoi Guide Book, Texas is 27.