Stars are representations of how many times Ulala can miss a dance turn before her report show is canceled in Space Channel 5: Part 2.

Ulala is given a certain amount of stars determined by her ratings, her hearts changing over to stars during boss battles or important events. If the stars run out or if Ulala's Swingin' Report Show's ratings drop to 0.0%, the show is canceled.

Places where stars are usedEdit

Report1: The battle against Kin, Kon, and Kan.

Report 2: The battle against Pon Piriri (both in Plant Mode and Robot Mode).

Report 3: The entire report except for the last three.

Report 4: The entire report except on the hallway to the control room.

Report 5: The entire report.

Report 6: The entire report.

Stars actually make completing levels more difficult. When a player loses a star, he loses quite an amount of View Ratings. However, secret commands points are able to increase the number of stars. If a player manages to NOT lose any stars throughout a battle, he can gain more View Ratings. The toughest bit of stars used is considered in Report 6. The player can, at most, have 3 stars, with the help of 2 command points. These 3 (or less) stars last throughout the game and 1 mistake can mean loss of a HUGE amount of View Ratings.

Note that when stars are used, View Rating is not shown.

'Occurrences' in Space Channel 5Edit

Although only hearts are used in Space Channel 5, the final 3 boss battles needs to be won to win the game, otherwise the player would lose and would have to restart from the start of the level, just like how stars work.

Report 4: The last 3 boss battles (Evila, Giant Evila and Blank TV) and last 'Chu, Chu, Chu'. If the player misses the last command, a special ending will be revealed but the player still loses.