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Spaceport 9 is a site on Earth for spaceships to dock in Space Channel 5. Through Ulala's exploits, there are several points of interest known at the port. These are mainly where the aliens during the Morolian invasion forced people to dance.

The Flight Control Tower is at the center of Spaceport 9. When the Morolians attacked, the Space Rescue Police were summoned to help the workers who were there. Unfortunately, that plan didn't go quite as well as they had hoped.

The Luggage Room leads to many translucent tubes surrounded by neon rings through which baggage is transported. How space dogs wound up getting out of their carriers is anyone's guess.

The second floor lobby isn't as bustling as the main lobby, but that doesn't mean it's slouching in the invasion department. Many civilians were hypnotized here, and near the end of Ulala's segment on her report show, an explosion by missile sent her flying.

The Launch Pad, or really just the launch pad Ulala ended up at, is where the first hypnotized robot of the Morolian invasion, Coco Tapioca, landed. Large spotlights are placed at the pad to assist ships in landing, or to light up robots in an emergency.