Space Tourists are recurring victims of villainous dance-based plots in the Space Channel 5 series.

Space Channel 5Edit


Space Tourists are victims of the Morolian dance crisis at Spaceport 9. They are among the people Ulala saves in the main lobby.

In-game ProfileEdit

“These mysterious tourists are gathering information for upcoming real estate deals involving large amounts of land and buying out foreign corporations. Their space suits are meant to protect them from space viruses.”

Space Channel 5 Part 2Edit

In the sequel the Space Tourists come back, but consist of a family of five in different sizes. They are dubbed "Neo-Japan Astronauts" and have a number signifying who they are at the end of their names. They all appear on the Space Symphony ship during the Rhythm Rogues' assault.

Neo-Japan Astronaut 1Edit

In-game ProfileEdit

"Inside the airtight spacesuit is a tall, kind father who lives with his wife and 3 children. He works at the post office in the Central Sector.”

Neo-Japan Astronaut 2Edit

In-game ProfileEdit

“Wife of Neo-Japan Astronaut 1. Knowledgeable about Space Naginata blades, Space Rakugo comedy, and Traditional Space Dancing. She’s also an established sculptor.”

Neo-Japan Astronaut 3Edit

In-game ProfileEdit

“Son of Neo-Japan Astronauts 1 & 2. The eldest of three. Takes striking;y after his mother. Joins in Judo Club & invented “Full-Moon Galactic Throw”.”

Neo-Japan Astronaut 4Edit

In-game ProfileEdit

“Son of Neo-Japan Astronauts 1 & 2. The middle of the 3 siblings. He secretly plots to surprise the living out of a new random bystander each day.”

Neo-Japan Astronaut 5Edit

In-game ProfileEdit

“Son of Neo-Japan Astronauts 1 & 2. The youngest of the 3 brothers. The most level-headed of the entire family. He collects Japanese lanterns.”


  • In the intro cutscene of Part 2, the Neo-Japan Astonauts can be see led by the Space Guide.