Space Music Primary Schoolers are vocally gifted children in Space Channel 5 Part 2. The four children are at Space Park for the Band Festival with Mr. Nervous, but instead wind up captured by a mutant plant near the conveyor belt. If Ulala manages to save any of them, they'll hum a special tune for her.

Space Music Primary Schooler 1Edit

SpaceMusicPrimarySchooler1 0012

In-game ProfileEdit

“An enigmatic boy, who cries out “X, X, X!!!!!!!” He’s an expert at imitating various instruments with his voice. When you save him, he hums a special melody!”

Space Music Primary Schooler 2Edit

SpaceMusicPrimarySchooler2 0012

In-game ProfileEdit

"A primary schooler with the skill to imitate instruments with her voice. She’s so skilled you’d swear you’re hearing a real instrument. When you save her she hums a special recorder melody!"

Space Music Primary Schooler 3Edit

SpaceMusicPrimarySchooler3 0012

In-game ProfileEdit

"A rather proud primary schooler who’s a whiz at imitating instruments with his voice. You’ll know it’s him when you save him, because you’ll hear a special accordion melody."

Space Music Primary Schooler 4Edit

SpaceMusicPrimarySchooler4 0012

In-game ProfileEdit

"A real showgirl of a primary school kid who does drum imitations with her voice that are powerful enough to move the spirit. When you save him, she begins to hum a drum melody."


  • On Space Music Primary Schooler 4's profile, there is indeed an error. That child is a "her", not a “him”.
  • Interestingly, the word "melody" is translated to "morodie" (morody) in the French version of the game, indicating that the word "moro" is part of the current language since the Morolian Invasion. The same goes for "Morodia".
  • The character model is the same for Space Music Primary Schooler 2 and 4. Only their color schemes change.