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Space Michael is a major character in the Space Channel 5 series. He is a legendary star implied to be 500 years old as his in-game profile from the first game states that he has saved the Earth 500 years ago from an alien invasion, Space Michael is the currently chief of Channel 5.

When the first game was nearly complete, the game's american executive producer showed Space Channel 5 to Michael Jackson, who liked the game so much to the point he asked for Sega if they could add himself in the game. Granting his wish, this character was created; though due to the character being a last minute addition to the first game, he simply makes a brief appearance.

Character InfoEdit

Space Michael is Michael Jackson himself, 500 years in the future, in 1999, he saved the Earth from an alien invasion, in the first game, according to the Gyun Gyun Guide Book, he works for Channel 5 as a reporter for a show called "Star News Station", in the sequel, he became the new chief of the television broadcasting station.

In-Game Profile (Part 1) Edit

“Legend has it that he saved the earth from certain demise by using his dance energy. This was when the planet was attacked by aliens, 500 years ago.” - Space Channel 5 profile

Personality Edit

Space Michael is a caring soul who does his best to keep the crew of Channel 5 safe. He will dance and sing against evil-doers to protect those around him, even if Channel 5 studios were to crumble around him.

Space Channel 5Edit

Space Michael appears as a hostage in the fourth report, where Ulala will need to copy the moves from the Morolians that are keeping Space Michael with them, after being saved, he joins the main heroes, later he appears at the end, marching to the end of the galaxy.

As stated above, Space Michael was a last minute addition to the game, hence why he didn't have a bigger role.

Space Channel 5 Part 2Edit

After the fiasco with Chief Blank, Space Michael was the first choice for the new Space Channel 5 Station Chief.

Report 3: Meet the Sexy Space Police! Edit

Space Michael first appears at the end of the third report, after Ulala defeats the Space Police, she and the rest of the Space Channel 5 crew receive an emergency transmission from Space Michael, who reveals that Robots are attackign the station, he orders for everyone to fall back immediately when transmission suddently cuts off abruptly.

Report 4: The End for Space Channel 5?! Edit

At the beggining of the level, he is able to send another message to Ulala which is immediatly cut off, saying “Ulala, no way! He’s com-”, He is later found at the Channel 5's control Room under the control of the Rhythm Rogues, he orders Ulala to run away saying it's a trap, but the Shadow and the Rhythm Rouges appear to fight against her in a dance battle, once she defeats them, Space Michael is freed, he and Ulala dance on the elevator heading into the station’s core.

Space Michael joins Ulala.

In the Core, Space Michael and Ulala are attacked by Purge on his hovercraft and the Peace Carrier, he assists Ulala at defeating both, later, Purge fuses his Hovercraft with the Peace Carrier, creating Purge the King, a singing battle against the mecha will happen where Ulala will do the "Chu" and "Hey" commands while Space Michael covers the singing parts, when the battle ends, Purge escapes and the Channel 5 Headquarters start to self desctruct, Space Michael orders everybody tp run to save their lifes and later runs away too.

Report 5: The Spies Get Revenge! Edit

Space Michael sneaks into Purge’s Mystery Zone along with Ulala, they are joined by Pudding, Hoorg, and Pine along the way when suddently, the alarms go off in the space station. They run into a trap where they'll need to copy the robot's moves and once they escape from it, they are surprised by another one that drops them into a pit filled with Dark Rhythm Robots. Surrounded, everyone takes up a a direction with Space Michael covering the upper part of the room.


Space Michael and Hoorg in the Battle of Bands.

After finally escaping the trap, Ulala’s team enconters Shadow who challenges them to a Battle of Bands, where Space Michael takes up the position as singer for their side.

Report 6: Purge’s T.V. SpecialEdit

Space Michael and the others invade Purge's TV Show, while going down the stairs, they face Mass-produced Peace Carriers and Purge's bodyguards, when he is stopped by an invisible wall and is left behind along with Pudding, Jaguar, Hoorg and Pine.

During the second half of the report, Space Michael calls out to Ulala, encouraging her to continue dancing against Purge the Great, when Ulala wakes up, turns into Super Ulala and starts fighting Purge again, he re-appears and assists her along with the rest of the heroes at defeating Purge and freeing Peace.

Dance Dimension X finally shatters and he stands next to Jaguar, with Fuse back on the scene, a final blast of collective dance energy is aimed at Purge which results with him being trapped in a giant 'P', shot off into deep space, the level ends with Space Michael, along with everyone else in the area, dancing to the end of the galaxy.


  • His In-game Profile from the first game implies that Space Michael is 500 years old.
  • Space Channel 5 is the third Sega game to have Michael Jackson involved, the first two being Michael Jackson Moonwalker and Sonic the Hedgehog 3.
  • Space Channel 5 Part 2 Trailer 2002

    Space Channel 5 Part 2 Trailer 2002

    Space Michael advertising Space Channel 5 Part 2.

    Space Michael was heavily featured in the Space Channel 5 Part 2 trailer.
    • This same trailer implies that Space Michael is the deuteragonist of Space Channel 5 Part 2, as the trailer portrays him and Ulala as the game main heroes.
  • As it was expected, Space Michael is completely absent in Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash! the obvious reason is due to Michael Jackson's passing away in 2009, 11 years before the game.
    • A bit of the track "Saving Space Michael" from Space Channel 5 Part 2 plays during the Trial Dance minigame in Kinda Funky News Flash! the bit originally had Michael Jackson's voice in it, [1] but his voice was removed. [2]
  • Space Michael doesn't have a japanese voice actor, instead, in the Japanese version of the games, he speaks english with japanese subtitles.
  • Despite having no significant role in the first game, Space Michael profile is listed along with the rest of the main character's.
  • In the first game credits, there's a "thank you" written next to Michael Jackson's name during the voice credits.
  • Space Michael's outfit design is likely based on his outfit from his 1995 song, 'Scream.'
  • It is possible to make Space Michael smile in his Space Channel 5 Part 2 profile, like some other characters, but it is impossible to see his face while smiling because of the pose he takes.
  • Space Michael pronounces Ulala's name as 'You-lah-lah', which is considered to be incorrect. It is possibly a fun charm Michael Jackson added to his character after he got a bigger role in the sequel, because in his brief cameo in the first game, he pronounced Ulala correctly.
  • Concept Art reveals that Space Michael and Hoorg were to be absent in the Report 6 of Part 2, as Ulala was just seen with Pudding, Pine, Jaguar and a regular Morolian.
  • According to the Gyun Gyun Guide Book, Space Michael is a reporter for the show "Star News Station" in Part 1.
  • Space Michael and Hoorg were the only major characters who didn't say something to Purge before the later gets launched into space.
  • in Part 2, he makes some Michael Jackson's famous dance moves such as Beat It, Thriller and Billie Jean.
    • Space Michael also does Michael Jackson's famous scream many times in both games.


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