Space Cheerleaders are truly dedicated girls of cheer in Space Channel 5 Part 2. It seems that most, if not all, of the cheerleaders are part of "Go! Go! Channel 5!" at the network. All seven of these gals appear in Report 4 when Rhythm Rogues attack Channel 5 HQ. They are forced to do a cheer they didn't learn, leaving it up to Ulala to save them from the Rhythm Robots.

Space Cheerleading CaptainEdit


"The envy of every Space High School student. A star in her own corner of the galaxy. Her high kicks give her black-belt potential, so keep your distance if you value your jawbone." - in-game profile

Space Cheerleader 1: HitomiEdit


"Became instantly popular after appearing as the assistant on Channel 5’s hit morning show “Go! Go! Channel 5!”" - in-game profile

Space Cheerleader 2: FutabaEdit


"It’s a cheerleader’s job to wear a cheerful smile all the time. To the untrained eye, all cheerleader smiles look alike, but in fact subtle differences create dozens of smiley variations." - in-game profile

Space Cheerleader 3: MimiEdit


"Spends most days contemplating methods to get her legs to kick higher and her hips to swing more swiftly." - in-game profile

Space Cheerleader 4: YoshikoEdit


"A diligent worker with high hopes that her appearance on “Go! Go! Channel 5!” will lead to a debut as an actress." - in-game profile

Space Cheerleader 5: SatsukiEdit


"A bright girl with excellent announcer skills. She brings smiles to all those around her, and has fans young and old. She’s received offers to become a cheerleading comedienne." - in-game profile

Space Cheerleader 6: MoonieEdit


"Only appears on Thursday editions of “Go! Go! Channel 5!” She claims to be very busy, and keeps her TV appearances to a min. as a result of her extreme case of stage fright." - in-game profile