Shinichiro Tachibana is a reporter for Channel 1 in the Space Channel 5 series. He shows up now and then in the background of Ulala's report show.

Space Channel 5Edit

Shinichiro makes various cameos throughout the Morolian invasion. He is first seen at the very beginning of Report 2, right behind Ulala as her 'Swingin' Report Show' starts off.

In Report 3, the man is seen as one of the reporters Ulala shoots at in a race to catch the scoop on the Morolian base at the Asteroid Belt.

Tachibana is last seen as one of the people providing Ulala's chant support and marching to the end of the galaxy.

In-game ProfileEdit

“Channel 1 Reporter

Favorite fabric: Velour

He rides a unique spaceship that resembles a magic carpet.”

Space Channel 5 Part 2Edit

Shinichiro Tachibana returns in the sequel, being referred to as "Reporter: Tachibana".

During the pre-report cutscene for Report 2, Shinichiro is one of the reporters surrounding Space President Peace. Unlike the other reporters, he asks: "Any comment, Mister President?"

He's seen at the start of Report 3 as one of the reporters at Point Double X wanting the scoop on the ransom for President Peace and the hostages the Rhythm Rogues captured.

In Report 6, Shinichiro is dancing beside many others during the last stretch of the dance battle against Purge.

In-game ProfileEdit

"Works at Channel 1. Real name is Tachibana Shinichiro. Sensible and studious veteran reporter. Previously presented Galaxy Kids News, which Ulala watched as a child."


  • Although the games show Tachibana as a simple background character, he can be considered an important reporter in the series:
    • Besides many people's screams, he is the only non-main characcter who is given a voice. He has a line in the cinematic before Report 2 in Space Channel 5 Part 2.
    • Tachibana is also the reporter who got an interview with President Peace, while others present reporters watched (Mr.88 and Morolian Eight)—this is something that is reserved to major reporters in the real world. Although Ulala is a star reporter around the galaxy, she wasn't given the interview.
  • Tachibana is the only known character of his species, with an humanoid body and purple colored skin and hair.
  • Although he is a recurring character like Mr.88, he was never hypnotized nor saved by Ulala in both games.
    • However, he always supported her during the last battle in both games.
    • Strangely enough, he can be seen in a "hypnotized" pose in is Space Channel 5 character profile, although he was never attacked by the Morolians.
  • According to the Gyun Gyun Guide Book, Tachibana is 40.
  • According to the Sugoku Sugoi Guide Book, Pine has a crush on Tachibana. She says Tachibana, or "Tatchi" as she calls him, is her "ideal man." She even gives him her number after the events of Part 2.

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