The Shadow Impostor is a one-time enemy in Space Channel 5 Part 2. It appears in Report 5 shortly after the Battle of the Bands between Ulala’s and Shadow’s team. In order to save the man behind the forced-on disguise, Ulala must play Purge’s little game of ‘Which one of them doesn’t belong?’. Four BuffBots project holograms on themselves to look like the real Shadow to throw off Ulala. At the begining of the sequence, red is replaced with pink, making the "game" easier. But then, they look exaclty identical to the real one. Unfortunately, since they didn't make the same 'chu' pose as the real Shadow, their ploy doesn't work.

In-game ProfileEdit

"A BuffBot utilizing a hologram to transform into Shadow in order to throw Ulala off. Sadly, it isn’t hard to tell that he’s a fake. In this form, he can move quite happily with 8 times the speed.”


  • The spelling of ‘impostor’ is misspelled for this robot’s profile in the game. It’s called ‘Shadow Imposter’.
  • Although he is just seen in one sequence, Shadow Impostor is considered as a Main character. Probably because of his relation to Shadow.