“Don’t disrupt the investigation!”

-Sexy 2

Sexy 2 is a female space cop who backs up Space Police Chief Pine in Space Channel 5 Part 2.

Character InfoEdit

Not much is given about Sexy 2. Being a backup character in one report doesn’t leave much to be said, even in the in-game profile.

Sexy 2’s real name is Lily. She was newly assigned to Pine’s district the month before Report 3 takes place and her first full-on mission is right when you meet her.

This drumming singer loves Pine like an older sister.

Report 3: Meet the Sexy Space Police!Edit

Sexy 2 is only encountered in the third report for a brief time. She sings along with Sexy 1 as a backup singer for Pine’s theme song before the battle of the drums occurs.

She and Sexy 1 retreat after the battle, arms crossed and heads turned to one side.