“Don’t go on!”

-Sexy 1

Sexy 1 is a female space cop who backs up Space Police Chief Pine in Space Channel 5 Part 2.

Character InfoEdit

Not much is given about Sexy 1. Being a backup character in one report doesn’t leave much to be said, even in the in-game profile.

For starters, Sexy 1’s real name is Mimi. This is only revealed after playing through Report 3 and getting the Morolian Points enough times to make the hint disappear from her profile.

Mimi’s father, the Space Police Chief, inspired her to choose her profession. In addition, she can hit a drum 97 times per second.

The only difference between her and Sexy 2 is their hair color.

Report 3: Meet the Sexy Space Police!Edit

Sexy 1 is only encountered in the third report for a brief time. Aside from telling the mass of reporters to leave (“Don’t go on!”), she also has a join threat with Pine at the beginning.

Pine: “If you resist....”
Sexy 1: “Then release the bombs!”

Sexy 1 later appears with Pine and Sexy 2. With the latter, they act as backup singers for Pine’s theme song before a battle of the drums occurs.

She and Sexy 2 retreat after the battle, arms crossed and heads turned to one side.