Sacha Shearade is a space fashion designer in Space Channel 5.

Space Channel 5Edit

Sacha is a victim of the dance crisis stirred up by the Morolians. It seems that she pops up everywhere.

In-game ProfileEdit

“Space Fashion Designer

Favorite animal: Silk worm

Always roaming the galaxy in search of exotic cloths, she wears sunglasses to hide her freaky eyes.”

Space Channel 5 Part 2Edit

When Sacha is seen again, she is known as "Woman in Black". It's tricky trying to finding her in the midst of so many new faces onboard the Space Symphony ship.

In-game ProfileEdit

"Space Fashion Designer. Said to have eyes like needles, with astute aesthetic sense, devil’s fingers, and heightened sense of touch."


  • In Part 2, Sacha appears in Extra Report 1. Getting her requires failing to save Boozer.
  • Sacha Shearade and Madame LeBleu share the same character model, the only difference is their color scheme.
  • Under her sunglasses, she have normals eyes.
Sacha Shearade's Eyes