Roscoe is an innocent Space Dog that somehow winds up being hypnotized to dance in Space Channel 5.

Space Channel 5Edit

Roscoe (and sometimes his brothers) are seen in Spaceport 9's Luggage Room, being forced to dance by the Morolian found there.

In-game ProfileEdit

“Space Dog

He belongs to a group, "Dogma." They question their ancestors' living as pets under humans. He secretly likes to be stroked, but this is a emotional conflict for him. He has many brothers.”

Space Channel 5 Part 2Edit

In the sequel Roscoe comes back, but in five differing forms. The Space Dog that actually looks like Roscoe is a robot under a different name, so both he and this new Space Dog are not one and the same. Nevertheless, they are all Space Dogs and are dubbed as such, having a number signifying who they are at the end of their names. They all appear at Extra Report 2's Fountain Square with the Space Dog Mistress, about to be eaten by man's best friend-eating plants.

Space Dog 1Edit

In-game ProfileEdit

"A super robot dog called Funny who hates walks. When his Angry gauge is on max, he refuses to walk, and spends the rest of the trip home crawling on his stomach. Prefers monkeys to dogs."

Space Dog 2Edit

In-game ProfileEdit

"Temjin is so snarly that you’d think he came from a bad-attitude parallel universe to spread his evil rudeness across our reality. Only when he’s with his sweetie Alumi, he budges his tail."

Space Dog 3Edit

In-game ProfileEdit

"Rug’s a fighting dog owned by Mihoko, the goth girl. She’s on a mission with her owner to find the meaning of true happiness when the Rhythm Rogues tricked them into dancing!"

Space Dog 4Edit

In-game ProfileEdit

"Tabi, the retired dog. His walking pace has slowed down in recent times. loves afternoon naps and generous snack-givers."

Space Dog 5Edit

In-game ProfileEdit

"Alumi, the dangerously carefree dog. loves getting jerky for dancing. So upset about the rumour that she’s in love with Space Dog 2 that she bites the next-door neighbours."


  • The Space Dogs are always found in Extra Mode.