Dark Rhythm Robots are encountered only once in Space Channel 5 Part 2. They appear in "Report 5: The Spies Get Revenge" as part of Purge's trap for Ulala and her friends. These automatons will first take different 'up', 'right', left' or 'down' poses without saying them, remaining black until they 'chu'. Later during the trap, they will crash into Space Michael, Pudding, Hoorg, or Pine if Ulala misses the 'chu'. The robots will then shock them (although they will not hinder the heroes and heroines).

In-game ProfileEdit

"Designed with an array of sensors for espionage activity. Operates in near silence. Does not have a flyer upgrade, so creeps up to its target on tip-toes. Able to change its body colour at will."


  • These robots are seen on the loading screen, switching between their 'up', 'right', left' or 'down' poses.