More than just your average, run of the mill Robo, BuffBots are tough opponents with impressive dexterity in Space Channel 5 Part 2. They only appear in Reports 4 and 5 as backup for Shadow.

In Report 4, four BuffBots act as backup dancers for Shadow while Ulala tries to save Space Michael.

In Report 5, four BuffBots emerge from the shuttle Shadow is on and each has a position in The Shadows during the Battle of the Bands. Each robot corresponds to someone on the other team (Pine's drums, Pudding's guitar, Space Michael's singing, or Hoorg's dancing) while Shadow covers Ulala on piano. With hologram disguises, these BuffBots turn into Shadow Impostors during Purge's little game of 'Which one of them doesn't belong?'.

Upgraded versions of BuffBots are better known as Bodyguards.

In-game ProfileEdit

"Purge recently designed these robots to lead lower-ranked Rhythm Robots and to take care of immediate business matters. Strong as an ox but with extremely nimble fingers."