Bodyguards are only encountered twice in Space Channel 5 Part 2. They appear in "Report 6: Purge's TV Special!" and are always closely stationed next to Purge.

During the pre-report cutscene, two of the robots sing and dance with Purge. Although once Ulala and her teammates get too close to the devious creator, the Bodyguards jump down to confront the heroes and heroines. They are each taken care of in one shot, surprisingly enough.

In the second half of the report, eight Bodyguards come to the rescue of Purge the Great when President Peace is freed and the giant of a boss begins to flicker. These Bodyguards backup their master by singing "Hey", "Chu", and eventually crooning along with Purge during the final lyrics.

In-game ProfileEdit

"Bodyguard Robot that serves Purge. Hard-wired with a "Do What I Say!" circuit that puts Purge's safety above all else. Designed to respond only to Purge's voice pattern."

In-game Profile (Japanese Version)Edit

"Purge’s bodyguard Robo. It has a circuit embedded in its body that makes him perfectly obedient to Purge, and it’s top priority is keeping Purge’s body safe. It will only respond to Purge’s voice."