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Space Channel 5 Part 2

Purge the King, or King Purge, is a boss in Space Channel 5 Part 2. It's a deadly mecha that is the result of the Purge Hovercraft and the Peace Carrier combing with each other.

Space Channel 5 Part 2 Edit

Purge the King's first and only appearance happens during the fourth report after Ulala and Space Michael fighting against both Purge Hovercraft and the Peace Carrier individually, Purge fuses his hovercraft over the robot creating Purge the King.

To defeat Purge the King the player must make Space Michael sing by pressing any of the directions buttons, while Ulala and the rescued hostages do the "Chu" and "Hey" commands.

The battle consists of four segments, in each one more rescued hostages appear to assist Ulala and Space Michael, when the heroes defeat the robot at the singing battle, Fuse appears to finish him off, but for everybody's surprise, when Fuse shoots at the Purge, the robot will hold and reflect it at Ulala, Fuse immediatly dives the Astrobeat with himself inside it in front of her, taking the hit instead, the ship goes crashing deeper into the Core and Purge escapes laughing and with the Channel 5's antenna as the Core starts collapsing itself.

The sing-off with this robot is so intense as it literally shakes the Core of Space Channel 5. Every time Purge laughs and the mecha leaps forward, a layer of music is taken away and pieces of the ceiling come crumbling down. The music swings back full force during the battle's last segment. It’s a sign that Ulala’s dance energy is shining through as she doesn’t even say the dancing commands anymore and instead make sounds like ‘hut’ and ‘hup’.

After the battle, Purge the King can be seen again at the end when everybody marches to the end of the galaxy.

In-game ProfileEdit

“A singing robot. The ultimate galactic master of song & dance. Created by an interlocking of the Purge Hovercraft and the Peace Carrier (powered by Peace’s song energy.)”

In-game Profile (Japanese Version)Edit

"Formed from the combination of the Purge Rider and the Peace Container with Peace’s Energy, it is a song invasion mecha that uses song and dance to attack, causing singing and dancing. It’s got speaker hands, that seem like they are pulsing with the beat, and can you stand a chance against it’s body that is infused with song energy?"


  • The music heard during the battle against King Purge is a remix of the final Report theme Space Channel 5: Getting the Truth from the first game.
  • Because it somehow managed to reflect Fuse's attack and escaped, Purge the King is actually the only Purge Robot which wasn't destroyed.
    • Purge the King is also one of the two bosses in the entire series to have never ever actually being defeated nor destroyed, the other is Giant Evila from the first game.
  • Purge the King is reminiscent of a gorilla due to it's poses, actions and physical appearance.
  • When Purge holds Chu during this battle, he gains a slight aura similar to Ulala's Cosmic Aura. However, his aura is blue, with electricity surrounding it.
  • A location very similar to the one where Purge's the King battle takes place appears in Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash! during the game's tutorial.


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