“Ulala. I needed your dance power, you see. Now we have all the power we need.”

-Purge the Great

Purge the Great, or Great Purge, is the final boss of Space Channel 5 Part 2. Once Dancing Purge’s Ballistic Groove Gun has been charged with enough dance energy from his captive audience, he uses that power along with Peace’s song to become an incredible force to be reckoned with. This super duper suit is able create Dance Dimension X, the place where Purge shows Ulala his true power.

With strong electrical orbs being hurtled towards Ulala, it seems she’s finished. In fact, she is. Purge sends nine orbs filled with a strong electrical current at Ulala, presumably killing her.

However, through the power of love Ulala is revived and she stands up again, transforming into Super Ulala. With an immense amount of dance energy surging through her and friends by her side, Ulala is more than a match for Purge the Great. Even when Bodyguards accompany their master the reporter is not discouraged. Worst of all for Purge is that Peace breaks free from his prison at long last due to Ulala's funky moves. Purge sings back to Peace, Ulala, and her posse, revealing through song that he doesn't understand the power of love. He says to teach him love, as if it were something that could be harnessed like dance energy, before the opposition gets out one last line. Dance Dimension X is broken and Purge the Great is sucked into the antennas of the Ballistic Groove Gun.

In-game ProfileEdit

“The ferocious result of the combination of energy from the audience’s dancing and Peace’s song. Able to create a Dance Dimension X.

In-game Profile (Japanese Version)Edit

"His final form which he evolved into by absorbing everybody’s dance energy and Peace’s song energy. He can bring forth “Super Dance Spacetime.” He gaudily fires off energy shots of materialized dance and song energy."


  • Purge's original Concept Art looks a lot like a mix between Purge the Great and Shadow.
  • "Super Dance Spacetime" is the Japanese name for Dance Dimension X.