"I won't forget this!"

-Purge Jr.

Purge Jr. is supposedly the son of Purge in Space Channel 5 Part 2. He is only revealed in Extra Mode, pulling off the same tactics his "father" did the first time around.

He looks exactly like Purge and plays the exactly same role as him in Extra Mode, but subtle differences at certain points show that he may be Purge's son. These differences lie in the text boxes throughout Purge Junior's reign. They include:

  • "Lead Dancer (2nd Generation) - Rhythm Rogues" (This can only be seen if you rescue nobody in Extra Report 1.)
  • "Rhythm Rogues Leader: Purge Junior" (Purge Jr.'s introduction in Report 4.)
  • "Peace Carrier (Classic Model)" (The Peace Carrier's introduction in Report 4.)


  • Unlike the other characters from Extra Mode, Purge Jr. has no Character Profile.
  • Considering the ages of Purge and Purge Jr., one may say that it's just the same old Purge up to his same old tricks. It's very possible, but suspension of disbelief tells us to just accept it and move on.
  • It could be possible that Purge Jr. is an actor, seeing as Extra Mode is considered as a re-run of normal mode but with characters changed slightly.