The Purge Hovercraft, named in vanity almost like everything else the young genius makes, swoops onto the scene in Space Channel 5 Part 2. It shows up in “Report 4: The End for Space Channel 5?!” in the Core of Space Channel 5 studios.

Together with the Peace Carrier, the Purge Hovercraft makes Ulala, Space Michael, and the security bots go through a high-risk dual battle. The Hovercraft links up with the walls of the Core and moves across it. Ulala must repeat his moves precisely to shoot at the airborne mecha. After following Purge for some time, Fuse warns Ulala of the Peace Carrier behind her and Space Michael. She copies that robot's moves until she turns back to Purge.

It isn’t long before Purge starts "playing in reverse". Ulala must dance in the opposite direction that she hears in order to keep up the assault and protect the President. Right is left and vice versa in this little “game”, but it all ends soon enough.

Together with the Peace Carrier, the Purge Hovercraft becomes Purge the King.

In-game ProfileEdit

“Airborne Support Mecha for Purge. Attacks by taking advantage of the wall in the heart of Channel 5 studios and executing a combo with the Peace Carrier.”

In-game Profile (Japanese Version)Edit

"Purge’s personal misbehavior Support Mecha. Used with the Peace Container to attack the wall inside the depths of Channel 5’s broadcasting office from both sides. Also, when, in an extremely cowardly move of using Peace as a shield, it is very difficult to attack. Purge stays upright on top of the Mecha with magnetic boots."


  • If Ulala uses Hey instead of Chu when firing at the Purge Hovercraft, Purge's animation is different. He'll be sent bouncing upwards like a teeter-totter.
  • Purge is able to stay on the hovercraft due to wearing magnetic boots. [1]