Pudding’s Henchmen are recurring characters in the Space Channel 5 series. They never leave "her majesty's" side when she's reporting.

Space Channel 5Edit

Pudding's Henchmen are first encountered on top of the flight control tower at Spaceport 9. Notably, after Pudding is defeated, her guitar player, Rocka Billy, joins in following Ulala.

In-game ProfileEdit

“Fanboys of Pudding’s, they have followed her since her days of child stardom. It wasn't long before the star took pity on them and hired them on as her "official" back-up dancers.”

Space Channel 5 Part 2Edit

In the sequel, Pudding's Henchmen had their names changed to "Pudding Bodyguards" in the character profiles. They grooved behind Pudding as she and Ulala had a guitar duel at Fountain Square in Report 2.

In the Final Report, they are seen behind Space Michael copying Ulala's moves.

In-game ProfileEdit

"Ever since the Channel 42 Reporter Pudding became a teen idol, these young men have devoted their mojo to her."


  • In Part 2, the French version of the game states that their number are decreasing, unbeknownst to Pudding.
    • The French version also states that they are, by the time of Part 2, officially members of Channel 42.
  • In Part 2, during the final battle, a Pudding Bodyguard is one of the supporting characters that sing alongside Ulala and help her against Purge the Great.
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