Pon Piriri is a unique plant mecha in Space Channel 5 Part 2. It was once a new breed of giant flora, but was exposed to a radioactive monster ray. This mutated softie ends up battling Ulala in “Report 2: Nature’s Revenge!” inside the Greenhouse.

This boss starts out in nightmarish “Plant Mode”, attacking Ulala with seed bombs, throwing star-flowers, and vicious vines. It eventually lashes out at Ulala and suspends her in midair, attempting to stab her with the ends of its ivy appendages. Pon Piriri releases Ulala after suffering enough damage.

Dropping out of it’s protective covering, Pon Piriri switches to its second mode, the ever-adorable “Robot Mode”. Shadow shows up as the mecha’s true form is revealed and a waltz battle ensues. Ulala succeeds in defeating this strange plant robot, freeing President Peace. His song soon after revives Pon Piriri, whose digital face lightens in a yellow hue as it sways to the rhythm.

In-game ProfilesEdit

(Plant mode)
“This monster mutated when a new breed of giant plant in Space Park was exposed to a radioactive monster ray.”

(Robot mode)
“Unbefitting his boss status, he’s actually quite shy. Just loves being bundled up inside something. Attacks with 3-beat steps.”

In-game Profiles (Japanese Version)Edit

(Robot mode)

"It’s pretty shy for a boss. It can’t help but be happy when it's wrapped up in something. Even when it's defeated, it still smiles at Peace’s song, almost like it’s thinking “Whoops! Let my guard down!” A master at waltz tempo."


  • Pon Piriri's battle bears some resemblance with Morolina's. They are classical/waltz themed, and part of the battle involves Ulala being physically trapped by the Boss (Morolina's tongue and Pon Piriri's tentacles)
  • Pon Piriri's digital face color changes, indicating its emotion/mood:
    • Blue/Idle
    • Red/Angry
    • Yellow/Happy