"Report 3: Deep Sky

Title: Meet the Sexy Space Police

Location: The stratosphere

Status: Ulala is in hot Pursuit of a scoop, but the red-hot Space Police couldn't care less!"

-Report 3 Menu Summary

Coordinates Point Double X is the hotspot for a scoop in Space Channel 5 Part 2 when Purge demands a ransom for President Peace and the hostages. This place is swarming with members of the press in Report 3 and when the Space Police drop by, things heat up for Channel 5's crew who refuse to back down.

In the end, this place is left deserted as the Space Police are defeated in battle and Space Michael contacts Channel 5 about an emergency...


  • In the Japanese version intro to the game, the Ballistic Groove Gun Area is confirmed to be Point Double X. This is pointed out during the scene where Jaguar is inspecting the Groove Gun area. It was removed in the English version.

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