Peter Pepper is a space child in the Space Channel 5 series.

Space Channel 5Edit

Peter first appears at Spaceport 9 during the Morolian invasion. He is rescued by Ulala and proceeds to dance behind her. He is also one of the people supporting Ulala during the final dance battle.

In-game ProfileEdit

“Favorite artist: Monet

A fashionable boy, he loves the older ladies and is not at all interested in the girls from school.”

Space Channel 5 Part 2Edit

In the sequel, Peter Pepper is known as "Recorder Primary Schooler". He is at Space Park for the band festival when a plant controlled by the Rhythm Rogues captures him. He'll play a recorder along with the background music if Ulala saves him.

In-game ProfileEdit

"Primary schooler Had a snake-charmer as a teacher. He learned and extended the entrancing power of the recorder beyond snakes to control any small- sized creatures."