The President's trapped inside!

The Peace Carrier is a boss encountered in Space Channel 5 Part 2. It appears in "Report 4: The End for Space Channel 5?!" in The Core of Channel 5's HQ.

With President Peace trapped inside this automaton, this turns into a very risky dual dance-off. Purge moves along the wall of The Core and Ulala must copy his moves precisely. After following him for some time, Fuse warns Ulala of the Peace Carrier behind her and Space Michael. She copies the robot's moves until she turns back to Purge.

Ulala must be careful not to hit the Carrier, especially when Purge starts "playing in reverse". Right is left and vice versa as the spunky reporter must hit the Purge Hovercraft and not the President.

Together with the Purge Hovercraft, the Peace Carrier becomes Purge the King.

Later, the Peace Carrier is mass-produced because all of the Rhythm Robots loved it.

In-game ProfileEdit

"President Peace lies captured within this robot's breast. This singing attack robot runs from the power of Peace's song energy!"