Ms. Valala Petrie is a news presenter for Channel 5 in the Space Channel 5 series. She is usually seen near her co-host Brent Suzuki.

Space Channel 5Edit

Ms. Valala is attacked by the Morolians in Channel 5's Recording Studio. She is forcibly dancing with Brent Suzuki on top of a news desk while Ulala struts in with Pudding and Jaguar to save them.

In-game ProfileEdit

“Channel 5 Newscaster

Favorite drink: Cola

Often, her calls are misdirected to Ulala, as their names are very similar.”

Space Channel 5 Part 2Edit

When the Rhythm Rogues make their move and threaten the galaxy, Ms. Valala is dubbed "News Presenter (Female)". Ulala meets and rescues her inside of Channel 5 studios when the Rogues attack.

In-game ProfileEdit

“A familiar face on the Channel 5 news. A regular member of the general reporting team in the news. Achieved intergalactic fame at the peak of the female-announcer boom.”


  • Ms. Valala Petrie is always found in Extra Mode.
  • In Part 2, she has the same blue mike as Ulala.
  • According to the Gyun Gyun Guide Book, Brent Suzuki and Valala Petrie are newscasters on the show "Star News Station" in Part 1.
  • Metallic grey suit seems to be one of the official Channel 5 outfits, as important employees wear it, like Brent, Valala and Space Michael.
    • Alternatively, the metallic grey suit may be the official outfit for "Star News Station,", as Brent and Valala are the show's newscasters, and Space Michael is the show's reporter.