Mr. Joely is an apprehensive school teacher in the Space Channel 5 series. He is usually near students who wind up being forced to dance.

Space Channel 5Edit

Mr. Joely is quite irresponsible since his students end up being victims of awful dancing during the Morolian invasion. He's seen onboard the Luxury Spacecraft G running away from Morolina when his students are captured.

In-game ProfileEdit

“Space Teacher

Favorite color: Green

He is nervous, unreliable and undependable. He is escorting his class on a Space Hike.”

Space Channel 5 Part 2Edit

In the sequel, Mr. Joely is dubbed "Mr. Nervous." He appears at Space Park, in the process of being digested, or 'melting', inside a man-eating plant.

In-game ProfileEdit

"A ‘nerd’ known for knee-knocking. He came to Space Park in supervision of the students who were there for the band festival. Ulala saved him from man eating plant at the last moment."


  • In Space Channel 5, Mr. Joely can be seen in a dazed state at the beginning of Report 2.
  • He is somewhat dressed like a clown, with a big tie and big shoes.