Ulala, meet Morolina.

Morolina is the Dirty Dancebot that Ulala faces in Space Channel 5. She is sent down to the Observation Platform of the Luxury Spacecraft G and holds a group of space children hostage. She interchanges between holding out Morolians and space children so Ulala must shoot carefully to save the latter.

After Ulala saves enough children, Morolina begins have malfunctioning, exploding wildly yet somehow keeping its body intact. The explosions damage the Gravity Generator and the battle continues in Zero-Gs.

Soon Morolina can’t take it anymore and uses her tongue to grab Ulala. The report shoots to the rhythm to avoid being trapped and zapped. The dancebot eventually lets go of Ulala and the show is wrapped up. Morolina follows after the people Ulala saved, swaying to the beat.

“She was sent by the Morolians to attack the Luxury Spacecraft G. A dirty-minded robot, she uses her arms and tongue as weapons. Because she’s hoarding space children, you must attack very carefully.” - in-game profile


  • Her battle theme is Mororina: The Elegant Coward
  • Morolina's battle bears some resemblance with Pon Piriri's. They are classical/waltz themed, and part of the battle involves Ulala being physicaly trapped by the Boss (Morolina's tongue and Pon Piriri's tentacles)
  • Just before Morolina appears, when UFOs are leaving, Mr.88 can be seen reporting.