Morolina, or Dirty Dance Bot Morolina, is a Morolian Robot and boss in Space Channel 5.

Space Channel 5 Edit

Morolina is the second boss in the game appearing at the Luxury Spacecraft G, when Ulala goes to the Observation Platform, Morolina is holding a group of space children as hostages.

The first battle segment is a dance battle, where Ulala will need to copy her dancing commands to beat her , when Morolina says "chu", she will be holding yellow Morolians and will create ring beams above her horns and send them to Ulala, the rings will hover above her head until she successfully dances them away.

After a while, Morolina will start using her hostages, that is the Space Children, to attack, Morolina will sometimes say "chu" holding Space Children instead of Morolians, when that happens, the player will need to press the rescue buttom instead of the regular "chu" buttom.


Ulala and Morolina floating.

Then, Morolina will start malfunctioning, exploding wildly yet somehow keeping her body intact. The explosions damage the Gravity Generator, making Ulala floats, a new segment will begin, where Morolina will show Morolians to shoot at Ulala who will need to copy her move to shoot first, Morolina will also show Space Children and Ulala will need to save them.

Once that segment is over, the last one will happen, where Morolina can’t take it anymore and uses her tongue to grab Ulala, who'll need to shoot to the rhythm to avoid being trapped and zapped, once Morolina gets enough shoots, she will let go of Ulala, the battle will be over and Morolina will be freed from Blank's control.

Morolina can later be seen at the end, marching to the end of the Galaxy along with every other character.

In-Game Profile Edit

“She was sent by the Morolians to attack the Luxury Spacecraft G. A dirty-minded robot, she uses her arms and tongue as weapons. Because she’s hoarding space children, you must attack very carefully.” - in-game profile


  • Morolina's battle theme is called Mororina: The Elegant Coward.
  • The boss Pon Piriri from Space Channel 5 Part 2 is similar to Morolina, they are classical/waltz themed and part of their battles involves them trapping Ulala physicaly, in Morolina's case being trapping Ulala with her tongue and Pon Piriri's, trapping Ulala with her tentacles, they are also the second bosses from their respective games.
  • Morolina7

    Morolina in the Space Channel 5 TV commercial.

    Morolina makes an appearance in a Space Channel 5 TV commercial, where she says female humans are the Morolian's natural enemy.
  • Morolina is a female robot, being even refeered by female pronouns in her in-game profile, however, in the Space Channel 5 TV commercial, she has a male voice.
  • Her name is a combination of the words "Morolian" and "ballerina".
  • Not counting Evila, Morolina is the smallest boss in the game, that is revealed when she is seen marching to the end of the galaxy, where she is in front of Coco★Tapioca and she much more smaller than it.
  • Morolina's theme is one of the many themes that plays in the Ulala Dance Mode mini game from Space Channel 5 Part 2 and in the Trial Dance mini game from Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash!.
  • Ulala has the habit of calling Morolina "Marshmallow".


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