Morolian Monroe, or The Funkiest Dancebot Morolian Monroe, is a boss in Space Channel 5. it's the Morolian's strongest creation that they left hidden in the center of their secret base as a trap after their secret base's location got leaked.

The green robot is called Morolian and the pink one is called Monroe.

Space Channel 5 Edit

Morolian Monroe appears at the third report, after Ulala reaches the head office, Morolian will attack her through the giant TV monitor, where it will shoot energy orbs at her which Ulala will need to copy it's moves to protect herself.

After doing that enough times, Morolian and Monroe will jump out of the TV and a new segment will being where Morolian will trace a trail by saying directions which Ulala will need to repeat, the robots eventually split up and a new segment starts where they shoot out hologram-like screens that have Morolian images on them. It proves to be too much for Ulala as the mechas start shooting at Ulala when she’s dealing with the screens.

It's then that Jaguar and his crew arrive to assist Ulala, the segment will continue with Jaguar shooting at the robots and Ulala at the screens, this time around, the mechas will shoot out hologram-like screen containing humans images and Ulala will need to use the rescue beam to shoot at them, once the segment is over, the mechas start exploding and are defeated.

Both Morolian and Monroe later appear again at the end marching to the end of the galaxy.

In-Game Profile Edit

“The Strongest Dancing Robot. It appears inside the base in Report 3. It emerges from a TV monitor, and transforms in 3 stages. Attacking as it transforms, it may be too tough to fight against by a single person.” - in-game profile


  • "Morolian Monroe" may be a mistranslation of their Japanese name, "モロリン!モンロー!" (Mororin! Monro!", or "Morolin! Monro!").
  • If the player succeeds at copying the mechas moves during the segment where they shoot hologram-like screens, Morolian and Monroe will get angry and start beating each other, however, if the player miss many moves, they will celebrate and high five each other.
  • Curiously, Morolian and Monroe appear at the end of the game, despite them being deactivated and left in the base which exploded, how they managed to escape from the base is unknown.
  • This boss' name (particularly in Japanese) may be a play on Marilyn Monroe's name.


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