The funky dancebot, Morolian Monroe, pops into battle with Ulala in Space Channel 5. It hides in the monitor deep inside the Morolian base’s head office in the Asteroid Belt. It begins by attacking from inside the monitor but soon emerges from it, revealing that it’s a two-in-one robot.

Morolian Monroe changes tactics quickly, forcing Ulala to trace the trail it leaves from one side of the bot to the other. When it splits up into two robots, one green ("Morolian") and one pink ("Monroe"), Ulala hops off the Astrobeat Jr. The bots team up and shoot out hologram-like screens that only have images Morolians on them. It proves to be too much for Ulala, especially when the mecha starts shooting at Ulala when she’s dealing with the screens.

Who else but Jaguar, the man in pursuit of Truth, should come into the head office and offer his aid? Together the duo take on Morolian Monroe. Jaguar shoots directly at the alien technology while Ulala blasts the monitors, but soon two bot show images of people Ulala must shoot with the rescue beam. Morolian Monroe is no longer able to take the onslaught of the two and falls to the ground while exploding.

“The Strongest Dancing Robot

It appears inside the base in Report 3. It emerges from a TV monitor, and transforms in 3 stages. Attacking as it transforms, it may be too tough to fight against by a single person.” - in-game profile


  • "Morolian Monroe" may be a mistranslation of their Japanese name, "モロリン!モンロー!" (Mororin! Monro!", or "Morolin! Monro!")
  • This boss' name (particularly in Japanese) may be a play on Marilyn Monroe's name.