Not much can be said for Morolian Eight, the reporter for Moro-Channel 5. He’s often seen going after big scoops such as at Space Park when President Peace is captured, and at Point Double X where the handoff for the hostages and the ransom is supposed to go down. Often seen with Morolian Cameraman when on the job, unless he’s flying solo as seen as in Report 3 before he’s shooed away by the Space Police.

In-game ProfileEdit

“Channel----moro-moro----Five!! This is the way we wrap things up at our station.”


  • His rides a spaceship called the Tapi-maru, which is modeled after Coco Tapioca from the first game, and uses the antennae as a wheel.
  • Maru is a Japanese suffix for ship names, meaning in English the ship would be called something like "the Tapioca spaceship".
  • Morolian Eight is one of the other supporting character that help Ulala during the final battle against Purge the Great.
  • He has the same mike as Hoorg does.