Moro-Channel 5 is a recent space broadcasting channel debuting in Space Channel 5: Part 2. As it name implies, it is a Morolian space Channel. Moro-Channel 5 is one of the seven known Channels in the era of Space Channel 5, it's also a new Channel 5 concurrent in the race for the scoop.

Moro-Channel 5 was probably named in tribute to the reporter who saved the morolian and her Channel in the first game.

Moro-Channel 5 logo consists of a purple "Moro5", with a purple morolian orbiting around.


  • Hoorg, Moro-Channel 5 and Morolian's boss. News presenter, he also assumes the reporter's job in emergency situations.
  • Morolian Eight, main reporter, frequently seen in the race for the scoop since Moro-Channel 5's debut.
  • Morolian Cameraman, Morolian Eight's cameraman.
  • Morolians, although only three Morolians are seen in-game working for the Channel, it can be heavily assumed that most of Morolians are doing their part for Moro-Channel 5. Morolians who appear on-screen to rise the ratings of Channel 5 are probably also working for their own Morolian Channel, but help Ulala since she freed them in the first game.


Moro-Channel 5's HQ is never seen in-game, it is unknown what it looks like or where it is located. However, it can be assumed that the Morolian base seen in the first game's Report 3 is today the Moro-Channel 5's Headquarters. It may be hinted by the fact that two antennas can be seen on the asteroid/base's surface.

Moro-Channel 5's antenna is shown in-game. It is a purple and yellow, and the antenna in the middle greatly resembles a purple Morolian's one. No logo is seen on it.

By the time of Space Channel 5 Part 2, the antenna was stolen by Purge and used for his Ballistic Groove Gun. The antenna then merges with the others to create one big antenna. What happened to the antenna after the final blow is unknown.

Moro-Channel 5 studios seems to be the most well-hidden station in the galaxy, since its antenna is the last to be stolen by Purge and the Rhythm Rogues. However, the broadcast is constantly hijacked by them.

TV ShowsEdit

  • Moro-News, news show hosted by Hoorg. It began to be a sort of "resistance news show" for being the only and then the last show that wasn't canceled because of the Rhythm Rogues.