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Luxury Spacecraft G logo.

The Luxury Spacecraft G is a location in Space Channel 5, it's a huge cruise ship in Space Channel 5.

Space Channel 5 Edit

The Spacecraft appears during the second report, where the Morolians have started an invasion and are making people dance.

The Cockpit Edit

The Cockpit is where the captain and his crew control the cruise ship and where the first section of the level happens, the Morolians have made the captain and his crew their hostages and Ulala must save them by dancing and shooting.

The Dining Hall Edit

The Dining Hall is home to mouth-watering delicacies for all passengers and employees aboard the Luxury Spacecraft G and where the second section of the level happens. It's where Channel 5's Ulala first meets the Space Pirate Broadcasters and Jaguar.

The Ventilation System Edit

The Ventilation System is a section only assesible during the extra mode, which happens after the Cockpit, Ulala goes through it to reach the Garbage Room, though she must fight more Morolians before it, the ventilation system is large enough for full grown men to pass through and has space mice running about.

The Garbage Room Edit

The Garbage Room is a section with many garbage boxes moving by themselves and the Morolians and their hostages are hiding inside the boxes.

The Observation Platform Edit

The Observation Platform on top of the spacecraft, it is where Morolina was dropped off as the Space Pirates got away. When not under attack, the Platform is nice for looking out at the stars, planets, and passing UFOs.

Trivia Edit

  • This level music is an unlockable music track in Sega Superstar Tennis for the Space Channel 5 tennis court.
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