Spacecraft G logo

Luxury Spacecraft G logo.

The Luxury Spacecraft G is a huge cruise ship in Space Channel 5. Through "Ulala's Swingin' Report Show", there are several points of interest known aboard the ship. These are mainly where the Morolians made people dance in the invasion.

The Cockpit is where the captain and his crew control the cruise ship. Unfortunately for them, that makes them prime targets for the Morolians' Dancing Beam.

The Dining Hall is home to mouth-watering delicacies for all passengers and employees aboard the Luxury Spacecraft G. As Ulala put it, "Something smells délice!" Space Diva Amy Amania is found not long after the spiral escalator during the invasion. It's also where Channel 5's Ulala first meets the Space Pirate Broadcasters and Jaguar.

The Ventilation System from the Cockpit leads to the Garbage Room. The former is large enough for full grown men to pass through, and has space mice running about. The latter is unusually clean and has Morolians hiding in the huge garbage bins.

The Observation Platform on top of the spacecraft is where Morolina was dropped off as the Space Pirates got away. When not under attack, the Platform is nice for looking out at the stars, planets, and passing UFOs.