Kin, Kon, and Kan are a trio of singing mechas Ulala faces off against in Space Channel 5 Part 2. This choir of bosses appears in "Report 1: Ulala Back in Action!" in the lookout dome of the invaded spaceship.

In "Singing Mode" these robots are relatively harmless as Purge sings in the background. While Kin and Kan are in charge of left and right respectively, Kon is left with the commands of up and down. All three say 'chu' together, but Ulala's shuts them down.

The trio can reactivate themselves and go into "Berserk Mode", making things hectic. Their bodies extend to reveal tiny robots that hurt when they crash into Ulala. Kin, Kon, and Kan rarely say 'chu' together in this mode and make for a great example of what to expect in later reports. They are deactivated again, this time by Ulala's Tension Blasters.

In-game ProfilesEdit

(Singing mode)
"These singing robots will hit you with choreographed oldies dancing. Their names are, from left to right, KIN, KON, and, KAN."

(Berserk mode)
"If audience doesn't appreciate their dancing, they get overheated with anger and begin attacking head-on, extending their bodies and launching hidden robot babies."


  • In the Japanese soundtrack, their names are known as King, Kong and Kahn.