Kee (キーKī) is one of the two secondary and playable characters from Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash! Kee and his twin sister Lou, are new rookie news reporter for Space Channel 5 who are being trained by Ulala.

Name and Gender Debate Edit

The game left rather unclear if his name is "Kee" or "Kie", as he is referred by both names in the game. It is likely his correct name is Kie as you put he and his sisters name together to make "rookie" matching their status as rookie reporters.

He is called "Kee" in the game's menu but "Kie" in his In-Game Profile.

Although he has a feminine appearance and some fans believe him to be female, Grounding Inc. confirmed via Twitter that Kie is male [1] and things such as tweets addressing the duo as "twin sisters" were translation errors.

Description Edit

Kie, according to the official website:

A fresh-faced reporter at Channel 5. Hair is a charming lavender, and he has a weird habit of standing behind and to the left of people.

In-Game Profile Edit

A fresh-faced reporter at Channel 5, and the young brother in a set of space twins. His hair is a charming lavender, and he has a weird habit of standing behind and to the left of people. His primary responsibility is to raise the roof!

Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash! Edit

Kie is one of the two playable characters available in the game, the other being his twin sister, Roo, if the player chooses him, they will see the world in Kie's perspective and control his by movements, much like Roo, Kie is completely silent and never shows any reaction to anything, the obvious reason is because he is suppose to be the player.

First appearing at the level's tutorial, Kie will be greeted by Mr. Gentle and is transported to a room where he meets Ulala, who will teach the game's mechanics, after some instructions, the tutorial is interrupted because Ulala receives a message saying aliens have invaded a Spaceport and are forcing people to dance, Ulala tells Kie to go with her and both are transfered, ending the tutorial.

Kie then, assists Ulala at saving the hostages and defeating the Morolians in the first report, Morolians Strike Back! then in the second one, A Chorus in White! Later, during the third report, The Pirates Showdown, he assists Ulala in shooting the meteorites then dancing against the Jaguar, after defeating the Jaguars, Glitter's spaceship will abduct the Jaguars and later Ulala, however, before that, Ulala gives Kie her microphone.

In the next report, Kie will find himself inside the ship, where Ulala, The Jaguars, Pudding, Tachibana and 88MAN are being kept as hostages above him, when suddenly, the main antagonist Glitter will appear after his Groove Moxie, Kie fights Glitter by himself, with Mr. Gentle and eventually, Jaguar saying the moves he does and assisting him with the singing parts, after that battle segment, Jaguar will appear to assist him and together, they will save Ulala and the other hostages, then fight Glitter one last time in a dance battle, after beating him, all of the heroes will unite their Groovie Moxie to make one force capable of defeating Glitter once and for all and they'll let Kie release it, after that, the player can control Kie to dance along with the other heroes, who are celebrating Glitter's defeat.

Trivia Edit

  • Roo and Kie are the second twins to be main characters in the series, the first being Pine and Texas.

References Edit

  1. Direct response from Team Grounding.[1]
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