Hoorg, or Morolian Boss, is a major character in the Space Channel 5 series. He is the leader and Godfather of the Morolians, the secondary antagonist of the first game and a major supporting character in the second one.

Character Info Edit

Hoorg was the planner of the Morolian invasion and wasn’t about to outright believe the truth that Jaguar uncovered at the time.

According to his In-game Profile from the first game, his weakspot is his knees, likely due to is weight.

His love for watching television pays off and he eventually becomes a news presenter for Moro-Channel 5.

Personality Edit

Hoorg is an independent Morolian who loves television. He’s a bit lazy, almost always seen sitting on his rear. But when he’s really needed, he will get to work on backing up what he believes is right, even if he regrets jumping right into the thick of something dangerous.

Space Channel 5Edit

Hoorg propic0012

Hoorg discussing his invasion plans with other Morolians.

Hoorg first appears in the cutscenes that happen in-between the reports, showing Morolians discussing their plans in a mysterious location. Hoorg is the boss of the Morolians who ultimately decides if a plan should be used or not.

At the end of report 3, it turns out that he and the other Morolians had been brainwashed by CEO Chief Blank of Space Channel 5, they are discussing about this news when Ulala invades their room along with Pudding and Jaguar, it's also revealed at that moment that they have been discussing their plans inside the very Channel 5 HQs. Hoorg escapes along with other Morolians when Ulala, Jaguar, and Pudding strut into Channel 5 studios, though he later appears again at the end of the level, where he will fight Ulala, Hoorg can be saved in that moment by shooting him with the rescue beam, then, Hoorg will join the heroes and assist them in the Evila boss fight, he later appears again marching to the end of the Galaxy.

Space Channel 5 Part 2Edit

ME0000258342 2

Hoorg presenting the Moro-News.

The humans have made peace with the Morolians and have their own broadcasting station called Moro-Channel 5, Hoorg is the now a news presenter for a news called Moro-News. He appears in cutscenes that happen between the reporters where he talks about the Rhythm Rouges attacks and is usually interruped by Purge, who hijacks the news broadcasting signal to declare bits and pieces of his plan without giving it away entirely. Hoorg reports on Space President Peace visiting Space Park, the outstanding number of people being abducted throughout the galaxy (365,968), and the theft of various news station satellites.

Report 5: The Spies Get RevengeEdit

The cutscene before the Report 5 will show the Moro-News studio empty with Hoorg mysteriously absent and later Purge will appear saying that the whole Galaxy will soon dance for him.

At the report's intro (when Ulala shouts "Ulala's Swinging Report Show"), it's possible to see Hoorg following Ulala to the Mystery Zone, later it's explained that Hoorg and Pudding have heard Pine's message sent to Ulala and they decided to come along to help.

When they meet up with Pine, the alarm goes off and they all find themselves in a trap, the level begins with a segment where Hoorg and the others must copy the rhythm robots moves to escape the first trap, then there's the second half of the trap, where they are surronded by Dark Rhythm Robots in a dark room and must stick together and shoot at the robots so they can make it out. Hoorg covers the lower half of the screen.

After finally escaping the trap, Ulala’s team enconters Shadow who challenges them to a Battle of Bands, where Hoorg plays a unique part of the makeshift band, making odd noises for their side for his corresponding BuffBot.

Report 6: The Purge T.V. SpecialEdit

"Everyone's under control!"

Hoorg and the others invade Purge's TV Show, while going down the stairs, they face Mass-produced Peace Carriers and Purge's bodyguards, when he is stopped by an invisible wall and is left behind along with Pudding, Jaguar, Space Michael and Pine.

During the second half of the report, Hoorg calls out to Ulala, encouraging her to continue dancing against Purge the Great, when Ulala wakes up, turns into Super Ulala and starts fighting Purge again, Hoorg appears again at Ulala's left and assists her along with the rest of the heroes at defeating Purge and freeing Peace.

Dance Dimension X finally shatters and he stands beside his fellow Morolians, with Fuse back on the scene, a final blast of collective dance energy is aimed at Purge which results with him being trapped in a giant 'P', shot off into deep space, the level ends with Hoorg, along with everyone else in the area, dancing to the end of the galaxy.

Others Edit

There's a battle againt Hoorg in the Ulala Dance Mode minigame, he appears by achieving 78% views and is defeated by reaching 90% views.

There's also an Hoorg costume which is unlocked by clearing all 6 reports with 100% views.

Other Appearances Edit

Hoorg appears in Samba de Amigo for the Wii, where there's a Space Channel 5 thematic level in which he appears dancing in the background, weirdly, there are multiple Hoorgs in the level.

A Hoorg costume also appears in Chaos Heroes Online for AI-controlled minions.


  • In the Report 5 intro from Part 2, he can be briefly seen riding a spaceship modeled after Coco★Tapioca called Tapi-Maru, the same spaceship also appeared at report 3, being riden by Morolian Eight.
  • In Part 2, Hoorg, like other Morolians, has a tendency to put "Moro" at the end of his sentences.
  • Hoorg appears in a Space Channel 5 TV commercial, where he flirts Ulala and gets shoot.
    • He also speaks human language instead of Moro-Language in the commercial.
  • Report 6 storyboards from the Sugoku Sugoi Guide Book imply that Hoorg and Space Michael were originally not going to appear in the report as they depict a regular Morolian, rather than Hoorg, alongside Ulala and the other heroes, Space Michael also isn't seen.
  • Hoorg is one of the two major characters in the series to have been brainwashed and turned to evil, the other is Jaguar.
  • With Hoorg's absence in Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash!, he, along with Morolian Eight and Morolian Cameraman, becomes one of the few Morolians who were most likely not injected with X Space Cells by Glitter.
  • In the Japanese version, Hoorg is called Boss Moro.


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