Hearts are representations of how many times Ulala can miss a dance turn before failing in the Space Channel 5 series. The player is given a certain amount of hearts, or stars in Part 2, in every dance segment.

Space Channel 5Edit

In Space Channel 5, hearts are used throughout Ulala's report show. Hearts are not used in the short "shoot, shoot, shoot" segments before the intermissions. If Ulala runs out of hearts while dancing to save the hapless Morolian dance victims, the game will not end. However, if she runs out during a boss battle, the show will be canceled, leading to a game over. Ulala can have a maximum of 10 hearts at one time.

Space Channel 5 Part 2Edit

Hearts are interchangeable with stars, being utilized in the short "chu, chu, chu" segments before the intermissions as well as when Ulala dances against the Rhythm Rogues. During boss battles or important events, hearts are replaced with stars. If the hearts run out, it does not necessarily mean that the show is canceled, although the same cannot be said if the ratings drop to 0.0%. Ulala can have a maximum of 17 hearts at one time.

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