The massive mecha, Giant Evila.

Giant Evila, is a boss in Space Channel 5, it's a robot controlled by Chief Blank which was able to make Fuse hostage.

Space Channel 5 Edit

Giant Evila appears in the fourth report after Ulala defeating Evila, being controlled by Blank, Giant Evila captures the Astrobeat with Fuse still inside, Ulala, Jaguar and Pudding must rescue him. They get inside their vehicles and must shoot at the opposite direction the mecha says, as the battle goes on, Giant Evila hits at Pudding then Jaguar, leaving Ulala all alone to face the giant mecha. Eventually, Ulala is knocked off of the Astrobeat Jr. Jaguar saves her and she returns to battle Giant Evila once again, after succeeding Blank TV appears.

In-game ProfileEdit

“A gigantic robot controlled by Chief Blank of Space Channel 5. Blank is keeping the space relay station, Astrobeat, hostage, with Fuse trapped within. To effectively attack, you must shoot opposite of it’s directions.”


  • The Japanese version has both Ulala and Fuse scream in pain if you miss a command. In the English version, only Ulala screams.
  • Giant Evila fight, is the only fight where Pudding and Jaguar are seen shooting along with Ulala.
  • Giant Evila boss theme is one of the many themes that play during the Ulala Dance Mode min igame from Space Channel 5 Part 2 and the Trial Dance mini game from Space Channel 5 VR.
  • Since the battle against Giant Evila was interrupted by Blank leaving it to attack Ulala using the Blank TV, Giant Evila was never actually destroyed, making it one of the two bosses in the entire series to have never actually being defeated nor destroyed, the other being Purge the King from the second game.

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