The massive mecha, Giant Evila.

A robot that looks nothing like Ulala, Giant Evila is a an enormous robot that winds up being one of Chief Blank’s trump cards in Space Channel 5. After Ulala defeats Evila, Giant Evila captures the Astrobeat with Fuse still inside. Ulala must move in the opposite direction of the mecha to avoid hitting the broadcasting ship and hurting Fuse. Giant Evila swipes at Pudding and Jaguar, leaving Ulala all alone to face the automaton. Eventually, Ulala is knocked off of the Astrobeat Jr.

Jaguar saves Ulala and the reporter battles Giant Evila once again, succeeding in drawing out Blank TV.

In-game ProfileEdit

“A gigantic robot controlled by Chief Blank of Space Channel 5. Blank is keeping the space relay station, Astrobeat, hostage, with Fuse trapped within. To effectively attack, you must shoot opposite of it’s directions.”


  • The Japanese version has both Ulala and Fuse scream in pain if you miss a command. In the English version, only Ulala screams.

Gallery Edit


Giant evila

Giant Evila shown on the VMU of the dreamcast from the first game.