This article is about the robot clone of Ulala. For the gigantic robot, see Giant Evila.

"I am the Ultimate Reporter, Evila."


Evila (イビラ, Ibira) is a Channel 5 security bot in the Space Channel 5 series. Designed after Ulala, it is a powerful foe to any who faces it.

Character InfoEdit

Evila is an excellent security bot for Space Channel 5. It has sharp movements when dancing and is great against intruders.

Space Channel 5Edit

Evila, under Chief Blank's ruling of Channel 5, is the "Ultimate Reporter" designed to raise the viewership. The robot faces off against Ulala but is defeated in an intense dance battle.

Space Channel 5 Part 2Edit

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  • Her battle theme in the first game is Evila: Attack of the Perfect Reporter.
    • Playing the song backwards reveal that some parts of the Mexican Flyer are used.
  • "Evila" is a pun between "Evil" and "Ulala". It makes her the only Main Character to receive a given name. Other Main Characters have names that refer to their personalities, their physical appearance, or are taken from a real world object/animal name.
  • In Space Channel 5, when Evila is introduced to Ulala and her friends, Evila says, "I am the Ultimate Reporter, Evila!"
    • In the Dreamcast version, Evila's voice is very robotic: the vocals sound as if multiple people are speaking at once.
    • In the PlayStation 2 version, Evila talks with a regular woman's voice. Although the voice is clear to hear, her voice is uncredited. Evila's commands, ("up, down, up, down; chu, chu, chu") sound robotic, like the Dreamcast version.
    • In Japanese, Evila sounds like a robotic Ulala, however her voice is uncredited. Evila's commands are potrayed by a Morolian's voice. Because the Morolians, under Blank's command, built Evila, perhaps they had put their voice samples in Evila's data banks.
  • In Space Channel 5, Evila's movements usually change. For example, if she says "down," the first attempt would be looking down. Then the second time she said "down," she would bend all the way down to the floor; like in a squat position. This principle goes for all directional movements, including "chu!"
  • Evila's design is similar to Ulala's Report 1 outfit. Some noteable differences are as follows: different color clothing, "skin" and eyes, shorter and wider skirt, longer "pigtail tips" extended by antennae, lack of gun on her holster, and lack of visible microphone.
  • Evila's eyeballs are black with white pupils.
  • At the end of Space Channel 5, when Ulala shouts "Let's dance 'till the end of the Galaxy!" Evila can be seen strutting behind Ulala along with its back-up dancers, the Channel 5 Policebots.