This article is about the robot clone of Ulala. For the gigantic robot, see Giant Evila.

"I am the Ultimate Reporter, Evila."


Evila, (イビラ, Ibira) or The Ultimate Reporter Evila, is a boss in Space Channel 5. It is a reporter robot modelled after Ulala made by the Morolians when they were under Chief Blank's control with the purpose to raise Channel 5's viewrship.

Despite being a feminine looking robot, Evila is referred to as an "it" in the game, which is rather odd and very likely a translation error, considering Morolina, another feminine looking robot in the game, is referred to as a "she".

Character InfoEdit

Evila is an excellent security bot for Space Channel 5. It has sharp movements when dancing and is great against intruders.

Space Channel 5Edit

Evila appears as a boss in the fourth report, when Ulala follows Chief Blank to the main antenna, accompanied by a group of Channel 5 Policebots, it fights against Ulala in a dance battle, as the battle goes, Evila starts to self destruct and at the end of it, Evila turns off, after the battle, Chief Blank piloting a mecha called Giant Evila captures Fuse and a battle agains the mecha happens, Evila isn't seen again until the end of the game where it is seen marching to the end of the Galaxy with the other characters.

Space Channel 5 Part 2Edit

Main article: Evila (Upgrade)

In Space Channel 5 Part 2, Evila is reprogrammed to be good and it's now a Channel 5 security bot, according to it's in-game profile, Evila now has a chip called "Michael Chip".

Other Appearances Edit


Medusa dressing up as Evila.

Two Evila costumes appear in Chaos Heroes Online for the character Medusa, along with an Ulala and a Hoorg costume, one being based on it's first game design and the other on it's Upgrade design from the second game.


  • Evila's theme is Mexican Flyer backwards.
  • "Evila" is a mix between the words "Evil" and "Ulala".
  • In the Dreamcast version of the game, Evila will say "I am the ultimate reporter, Evila!" in a very robotic voice, but in the PlayStation 2 version, it'll say that with a regular woman's voice (though Evila will have it's robotic voice during the battle once again).
  • Curiously, in the Japanese version of the game, Evila sounds like a Morolian when it says the dance commands.
  • Evila boss theme is one of the many themes to play in the Ulala Dance Mode minigame from Space Channel 5 Part 2 and the Trial Dance minigame from Space Channel 5 VR.
  • Evila's boss battle is often considered to be the most iconic and memorable moment in the Space Channel 5 series.
    • Many youtubers have made parodies of Evila's boss battle, where other characters challenge Ulala using the exact same move sequences from the fight.
  • Evila is one of the two robotic reporters in the series, the other is 88MAN.
  • Evila's eyeballs are black with white pupils.
  • During the march to the end of the Galaxy in the first game, Evila will appear along with the other main characters instead of the other game's bosses, most likely because of it's humanoid design and because it's much smaller than the other bosses.


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