"Time for a Special Guest... President Peace!"

-Dancing Purge

Dancing Purge is a serious threat to Ulala now his cloak has been ditched. He's filled with dance energy and his movements are more fluid. It's going to take everything she has to bring him down. But the question is: How far did Purge think this plan through?

In-game ProfileEdit

"A more stunning version of Purge, who dances with burning fury now that he's absorbed the dance energy that was sucked out of the audience.

In-game Profile (Japanese Version)Edit

"Purge’s lovely form that absorbs a portion of the dance energy sucked from the audience into his body in order to dance with more incredible force. Once he starts wiggling his hips, it’s all over! It’s a signal that he’s starting to bend spacetime."


  • According to the costume description in the changing room, the little disco-mirrors are used for confusing enemies.
    • According to the Sugoku Sugoi Guide Book, the mirrors can impair the vision of Purge's opponents, and even deafen them.
  • Before you unlock Dancing Purge, his suit is known as the "Genius Gear". It is unknown if that's what his suit is really called.