Dance Dimension X generated by Purge the Great.

Dance Dimension X is where Purge the Great takes on Ulala in Space Channel 5 Part 2. With the Ballistic Groove Gun almost completely charged and the area corresponding to Purge's dominance in power, Ulala is soon defeated. She revives, though, as Super Ulala, dancing against Purge. With the power of love between her and her friends, President Peace is released from his prison. The ferocity of the dance- and sing-off results in being too much for the Dimension, and it eventually shatters.

Depending upon who has the most power, Dance Dimension X changes colors. For Purge it was an area of static, for Super Ulala it was shades of pink, and for President Peace it was a shimmering ocean of blueish-green.


  • The Dance Dimension X is quite similar to the Blank Dimension, and also similar to The 100 Stage Dance Battle, involving a color changing background, with no visible floor.
  • "Super Dance Spacetime" is the Japanese name for Dance Dimension X.