Feel funky? Get down.

CocoTapioca is a hypnotized robot invader that appears at the Launch Pad of Spaceport 9 in Space Channel 5. It shows up at the end of “Ulala’s Swingin’ Report Show”, dropping down from a UFO.

It attacks by creating ring beams above its horns and sending them at Ulala. The rings hover above its head until it successfully dances them away. Almost every time Ulala breaks through a wave of dance moves, Coco★Tapioca will throw a fit.

Just when it seems Coco★Tapioca’s down for the count, it gets back up and opens its mouth, letting out a group of line-dancing yellow creatures. More slide in from the sides and Ulala shoots at them as they jump into the air.

When the little robots are dispatched, Coco★Tapioca begins charging up a laser in her mouth. Ulala is able to prevent the laser from firing by shooting at it, effectively defeating the robot invader.

Ulala ends her show and marches away, the unhypnotized Coco★Tapioca getting up and hopping along behind the lines of people Ulala rescued.

“The first invading dancing robot, it appears at the Launch Pad in the First Report. The ring beam it creates from its horns, and the line-dancing robots it keeps inside its body, are something to be cautious of.” - In-game profile


  • Coco★Tapioca's name is a Brazilian reference. Tapioca is a dish where the main ingredient is manioc, and the most popular filling is coconut. In Brazil, coconut is called coco.
  • Coco★Tapioca's Japanese profile reveals that the official name of the line-dancing robots is "Yellow Submoron". The name is probably a reference to The Beatles' song, "Yellow Submarine".
  • Coco★Tapioca makes a cameo appearance in Space Channel 5 Part 2. The spaceship that Morolian Eight is riding in the beginning of Report 3 is actually shaped like the Spaceport 9 dancing robot.
  • Its battle theme is "Coco★Tapioka: The Huge Dancer".
  • Coco★Tapioca appears in Project X Zone as a boss character.