Cloaked Purge is who everyone knows of throughout Space Channel 5 Part 2. He's never seen directly without his goggles and gloves. Only when he becomes Dancing Purge does he show how he really grooves.

In-game ProfileEdit

"The leader of the Rhythm Rogues

Age: 18

Blood type: A

He believes that he's been given a holy mission to lead the "brutish & unhappy masses of the galaxy".

In-Game Profile (Japanese Version)Edit

"The leader of the Dance Troupe.

18 years old, Blood type A.

A boy genius who achieved success in the field of radio wave mechas at an early age. He blindly believes that it is his divine mission to lead the “stupid and unhappy people of the galaxy” to a world without trouble (=paradise) by his forcing them to dance. He grew up surrounded by robots."