The Channel 5 Policebot is part of the security drones at station HQ in the Space Channel 5 series.

Space Channel 5Edit

The Channel 5 Policebots appear near the end of Report 4, following Evila near the top of Channel 5 Studios. They copy her moves and act as her backup dancers.

In-game ProfileEdit

“Standing guard at the TV station, they normally patrol the grounds with detached heads. In emergency situations, they replace their bodies, which are kept in various places, and get things under control.”

Space Channel 5 Part 2Edit

When Rhythm Rogues invade Channel 5 HQ, the Policebot becomes known as "Channel 5 Security Robot". Four of them appear in Extra Report 4 as backup dancers for Ulala.

In-game ProfileEdit

“A 1-million horse-power super-bot that guards the station. The head portion floats around the station on routine security patrols.”


  • In the Dreamcast version of Space Channel 5, the Channel 5 Policebots speak one line along with Evila: "I am the Ultimate Reporter, Evila."