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Channel 5 Headquarters is a recurring location in the Space Channel 5 series. It's the main place of business for the network in the Space Channel 5 series.

Space Channel 5Edit

The headquarters first appear during the cutscenes where Hoorg discusses plans about the invasion with other Morolians, though during these scenes, it's not revelead yet that they are inside Channel's 5 headquarters.

Later in the fourth report, after being revelead that the Morolian's brainwashing signal's frequency was the same as Channel 5's, Ulala along with Pudding and Jaguar go to the headquarters to investigate and they discover that the Channel 5's CEO, Chief Blank was the one responsable for the Morolian's invasion.

The Boardroom Edit

The first section of the level happens at the boardroom, where it's revealed that this is the place where Hoorg and other Morolians have been planning their attacks and Blank is in there too, Ulala first starts saving the Morolians in the room, but that gives Blank time to scape, Ulala goes after him, but she finds Space Michael being forced to dance by Morolians as she just leaves the Boardroom and starts a battle to save him.

The Control Room Edit

After the Boardroom, Ulala goes after Blank in the Control Room. A key location in the HQ that leads to some of the most important areas such as the Main Antenna. in this area, Ulala saves Keyboard Grrrl and after that she finds Blank, who taunts her and leaves in an elevator, leaving Hoorg and some Morolians to attack her, after freeing the Morolians from Blank's control, she goes after Blank again.

The Recording Studio Edit

The Recording Studio is a location only assesible during the Extra Mode, it's where all of the shows on Channel 5 are filmed and workers of Channel 5 are hypnotized into dancing, the programs in this area have hologram background.

The Antenna Edit

The antenna is where the battle against Evila happens.

Space Channel 5 Part 2Edit

In the sequel, Ulala first receives a message from Space Michael in the third report saying that the headquarters are being attacked by the Rhythm Rouges and Ulala, Fuse and Noize go there immediatly to investigate, in the fourth report, the robots attack Fuse's spaceship making Ulala needing to go to the headquarters on her own, the level begins with a segment on the outside of the headquarters, where Ulala must shoot at the robots and save the Space Police, later inside the studio, there's a segment where Ulala and the Police run through the headquarters hallways after Space Michael and they fight robots and save the Channel 5's employers, after that, Ulala finds Space Michael at the Control Room, where Shadow and the Rhythm Robots are waiting for her, then a battle to save Space Michael happens in an elevator going down to a location known as the Core.

The Core Edit

Ulala and Space Michael reach to the core, where a battle against Purge happens, the core is the heart of the studio, it has walls of multi-colored dots and stereos embedded into the walls. It should be noted that the Core is resilient, but only to an extent. It can't take too much intensity from a dance- or sing-off before collapsing. If that should happen, the whole of the Channel 5 Headquarters will explode from the instability.

Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash! Edit

A location which appears to be a mix between the Core and the Control Room appears during the game's tutorial, the name of this location is unknown.

Other Appearances Edit

The headquarters make a cameo in Sonic Riders in the Sega Illusion circuit.


  • How Fuse managed to get inside the Channel 5 HQ with his Astrobeat at the the end of the Report 4 (in the sequel) is totally unknown.
  • The Channel 5 logo's design seen on the station's outside varies from a scene to another in both games.
  • In the first two games, the Channel 5's headquarters is the fourth level.


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