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Channel 5 Headquarters is the main place of business for the network in the Space Channel 5 series.

Space Channel 5Edit

By marching into Channel 5 HQ, not only does Ulala discover the mastermind behind the alien invasion, but several places of interest are revealed in "Ulala's Swingin' Report Show" as well.

The Boardroom is as eventful as one might think. Although finding a bunch of Morolians and their boss sitting around the conference table is liable to be somewhat unexpected. There's a big screen TV for presentations above the door on one side of the room.

The Control Room is a key location at Space Channel 5. It leads to some of the most important areas such as the Main Antenna. Keyboard Grrrl is here and so is Hoorg and some of his followers. Chief Blank taunts Ulala before leaving in an elevator for the dome right below the Main Antenna. This dome can be opened on the station's outside.

Last but not least is the Recording Studio, where all of the shows on Channel 5 are filmed. Workers of Channel 5 are hypnotized into dancing. It seems that any and all programs have hologram background and setups for easy access from the news 'room' to a quiz show.

Space Channel 5 Part 2Edit

In the sequel, it's revealed that there is another section of the station never seen before. By descending on a platform in the Control Room, one can reach the Core of the headquarters. The heart of the studio has a walls of multi-colored dots, and stereos embedded into the walls. It should be noted that the Core is resilient, but only to an extent. It can't take too much intensity from a dance- or sing-off before collapsing. If that should happen, the whole of the Channel 5 Headquarters will explode from the instability.


  • How Fuse managed to get inside the Channel 5 HQ with his Astrobeat at the the end of the Report 4 (in the sequel) is totally unknown.
  • The Channel 5 logo's design seen on the station's outside varies from a scene to another in both games.