Channel 1

Channel 1 logo.

Channel 1 is a space broadcasting channel in the Space Channel 5 series. As its name implies, it is the first Channel in the galaxy. Channel 1 is one of the seven known Channels in the era of Space Channel 5, it's also a Channel 5 frequent concurrent in the race for the scoop.

Channel 1 logo consists of a white "1", with a blue outline.


  • Shinichiro Tachibana, the main Channel 1 reporter. Age unknown, however, he is a well-known and veteran reporter. Qualified and smart, he was the one who got an interview with President Peace.
  • Channel 1 Cameraman, Tachibana's cameraman, working directly under him. Seen in the intro and also during Peace's interview.

Other channel 1 employees are unknown. However, because Cameraman (Channel 1)'s profile states that he "depends on him more than anyone else at the station", it can be assumed that there is a lot more employees.


Channel 1 HQ is never seen in-game, it is unknown what it looks like or where it is located.

Only the appearance of its antenna is known. It has a different looking from other antennas and resemble more a realistic antenna than a satellite. Channel 1's antenna is blue and yellow and has the Channel 1 logo on it.

By the time of Space Channel 5 Part 2, the antenna was stolen by Purge and used for his Ballistic Groove Gun. The antenna then merges with the others to create one big antenna. What happened to the antenna after the final blow is unknown. Moro-news, when reporting on the Rhythm Rogue assaults, show Tachibana with a shocking expression, implying that he was in Channel 1 studios when attacked.

The game doesn't state if Channel 1 studios was destroyed by the Rhythm Rogue like Channel 5 HQ after its antenna was stolen.

Due to Tachibana's experience as a reporter, and Channel 1 being existing for a long time (being the "first" space channel), it can be assumed that Channel 1 is the most well-known, serious and studious Channel around the galaxy, delivering quality programs.

TV ShowsEdit

  • An unknown report show, hosted by Shinichiro Tachibana. Probably the same kind of show as Ulala's Swingin' Report Show.
  • Galaxy Kids News, presented by Shinichiro Tachibana, when Ulala was a child. Today, the show is probably hosted by someone else in the station or has been canceled.