Cecil Aroma is a saveable character in the Space Channel 5 series.

Space Channel 5Edit

Cecil Aroma shows up in Extra Report 1 on the second floor lobby of Spaceport 9 if Ulala's ratings are high enough. When she saves him, he tosses flower petals behind him.

Cecil is one of many who show up on top of Channel 5 HQ to help provide Ulala with chant support near the end of Report 4.

In-game ProfileEdit

“Boy Toy

He has a collection of 900 leather belts, and looks absolutely fabulous in velveteen. All the ladies adore him, but he’ll have nothing to do with them.”

Space Channel 5 Part 2Edit

In the sequel, Cecil returns under the name of "I’m Too Sexy". He appears several times throughout Ulala's Report Show in the background, as well as on the front lines, as a hypnotized victim of the Rhythm Rogues.

Cecil takes the place of the Space Synchronized Swimming Team in Extra Report 2 during the guitar duel between Ulala and Padding.

When Space Channel 5 studios in under assault in Extra Report 4, Cecil can be saved along with Brent Suzuki and Xiao Xing Lum.

In-game ProfileEdit

“With a sensual, stunning body, he’s the galaxy’s sexiest man alive, Ken. Really good mates with little Mr. Noize. Teehee.”


  • His two profiles heavily imply that Cecil Aroma is homosexual.
    • However, the relation between him and Noize is unknown (teehee).
  • Cecil is named "Ken" in the Japanese versions of Part 1 and Part 2; his name changes from Cecil Aroma in Part 1 to Ken in Part 2 in the English releases.